Why We Have Come

We are here to BE THE LIGHT, Beloveds!

We are here to BE THE LIGHT that we already are, that we always have been. We are here to bring it into being. Right here, in this NOW.

Now is the time to BE THE LIGHT that you wish to see in the world.


NOW is the time to let your LIGHT shine forth from you and illuminate the world.

I AM here to guide you into BEING THE LIGHT that You Are

For You to Remember your own Light, to Know Yourself AS the Light, to Breathe it, Be it, Live from it, to Know and Experience the Light AS your Essence.

To experientially Know what it is to be fully supported by the Light, to be cradled and safe and loved and taken care of in all moments of your life.

To let yourself be seen now in all your Divine Perfection.


To be Seen by the Light and Loved Unconditionally by the Light.

To Know that every dream that is in your Heart is fully supported and that Love exists to fulfill your dreams of Heaven upon Earth.


Your Light is accessed through your HeartSpace. Your Light is brought forth through the portal of your Heart.

Your Heart is calling out to you.

Shining, glowing, glorious, that Love of the Divine that cannot be quenched, is filling you up, Beloved.

Your Heart is shining. Your Heart is speaking to the rest of you, to your Body, to your Mind, to your Emotions, to your Thoughts. To your Beliefs and your Worries and your Fears…darling one. They are all of humanity’s fears.

It is time to let the human suffering go!


It is time for you to choose to Be the Light, to let go of your pain and your identification with your suffering. You are not your pain, beautiful one. You are not your suffering. You are not your fear or your despair or your rage or your crushing sorrow.

They are all experiences, all energies moving through the vessel of you. Your Essence is LOVE.

It is time NOW to vibrate to the Essence of Unconditional Love.

Your Heart is the Light of your Soul, the Love of your Soul, in physical form.

We speak of the Heart as the physical Heart, and the Heart Chakra, and the Higher Heart, Beloved, for indeed, they are all One. Where your Soul sits and speaks and comes forth, longing to be embodied with you.

Ascension is the Soul coming through your physical form and your Soul being in charge. Your glorious Heart choosing Love and Love and LOVE.

Your Heart has many things to tell you, and now is the time to listen.

Your Heart contains all things, all holy Good, the entire Universe, all that you desire is within your HeartSpace.

Know Your Heart and Know Your Self.



SHINE, Beautiful Hearts!

We are here to Be the LIGHT, we are here to LOVE unconditionally all that we see, we are here to LOVE everything. We are here to Ascend to our own true nature as LIGHT, to illuminate the world back unto its Heaven, right here, right NOW.

Thank you for shining with me, thank you for being so bright, thank you, as our Light calls to each other, soul family across time and space to speak the knowing of wisdom and truth from our hearts to Love all the world.

Light and Light and LIGHT!

Love and Love and LOVE.