Why Raise Your Vibration?

Everyone is Divine. Everyone is Love.

You can’t consistently have love in your life if you are still vibrating to fear.

You can’t have peace when your mind or body are still in conflict.

You can’t feel safe in your body, or your life, or the world, when you’re still perceiving an “other” as separate from you.


Everything that you have ever desired exists within you, but you can’t perceive it or access it when you’re not holding/carrying/vibrating at its frequency.

You can’t have abundance when you’re still vibrating lack, when you’re still coming from a space of need.

You can’t have the perfect relationship when you are not inherently whole in yourself, and looking for another to complete you.


You can’t be connected to the Divine and be disconnected from your body.

Raising your vibrational frequency calls forth the Ascension Codes hardwired into your DNA. As you receive the Light from the Universe, from the Great Central Sun, from Source, the Light activates your dormant DNA, which contain all the Light Codes for the fulfillment of your Highest Potential.


As these Codes and Portals are activated through the absorption and entrainment to higher and higher frequencies of Light, the lower vibrational energies you’re carrying that stops you from living your most awesome life dissolve out of your energetic field and return to Source, because you are no longer vibrating to those frequencies.

We raise your frequencies, and it’s easier, loves! It’s easier to listen to your heart, to let your Soul make the decisions, it’s easier to choose what will honour you. It’s easier to say Yes! and be excited about Life. It’s easier to say No when you need time for you. It’s easier to be your most awesome self!


It’s easy when you let your Soul move through you, when you choose from your Heart the next step, and the next, and the next.

I want you to be able to love you, and see you, the way Love has always seen you.

Right now, you are perfect, exactly as you are showing up.

Thank you for showing up.

You are Seen, here. You are Known, here. You are Loved, here, always.