Personal Sessions 

I AM an Energetic Catalyst, an Ascension Guide, a Multi-Dimensional Wayshower, a Lightbearer, a Channel, an Intuitive, and an Empath who is anchoring Vibrational Mastery.

A private session can blend vibrational lightwork and intuitive readings, soul guidance and channelling. We can sit in Divine Presence, and you can know your own Truth through the energies transmitted of unconditional Love.

The energy of Source flowing through all that I AM provides illumination for all the out of tune frequencies throughout the physical and energetic bodies. The Light and Love that is transmitted raises your personal vibration and anchors in Light through your physical form that is ever expanding for you to know yourself as Divine Consciousness.

We are remembering how to BE our Ascended Master Selves, embodied. This IS embodied Ascension.

A session can include :

Ascension Guidance

Quantum Fieldwork

Energetic Activations

The Release of Lower Vibrational Timelines

Past/Future/Parallel life readings and collapsing of all realities and versions of you that are no longer in alignment with your Soul.

Chakra system alignment (from Earth Star to Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, and beyond), along with alignment of the meridians and nadis and energetic channels

Alignment with Divine Mind and Heart

Energetic sovereignty (releasing all energy attachments, cords, implants and lower vibrational energies that are attached to your field)

Brain Balancing (aligning both hemispheres of the brain and illuminating and activating the third eye and pineal gland and pituitary gland so they merge into Oneness)

Aligning with annd remembering your own psychic and intuitive abilities

Star DNA activation and alignment, clearing of human genetic lines

Unplugging from 3D matrices and anchoring into 5D consciousness

Galactic Lineage Remembering

Stargate and Portal Opening and Aligning

Being Your Own Dimensional Portal

Higher Heart/Soul Seat Activation for you to fully embody your Soul

Attunement to the Great Central Sun of Source at the Diamond Heart of the Galactic Centre

Alignment and Attunement to the Christ Grid

New Earth Attunements

Remembering your Heart Centered Service, your Passion, the Purpose of your Soul incarnating in this Now.

Remembering your own Mastery, what it is to walk as a Master here in every reality, remembering your own Angel Wings, your own Divine Essence, your own HeartTruth.

Remembering Yourself as Divine.

My Higher Self can also merge at your request with any Archangel or Ascended Master that you choose, and receive a channeled session.

Sessions are through Skype.

Email to book a session!

$55 USD for 30 minutes

$111 USD for 60 minutes

$144 USD for 90 minutes