To channel is to open yourself up to receive messages from your Higher Self, from the Divine, from the Universe, and I am so grateful to have been receiving such messages for years now. And now is the time to start sharing them with all of you. I am here to love, I am here to raise the consciousness of this Earth, this blessed home of ours and all of its inhabitants. Such messages are one medium with which to share my infinite love with you and to help you realize your own perfection, your own Divine nature.

I’ve received messages from many different aspects of myself in the state of Oneness, instructions and support from various Archangels, most often in written form, some from galactic beings, from my Higher Self, experienced as a multitude of Light Beings all here to share love and light and all that is for our highest good.

I occasionally channel verbally as well, so if those arise I will share.

For right now, this is about the written messages that I have received that I am to share with the world, with all of you beloved darlings who are reading this. Know if you are reading this you are meant to, and you have been guided here, for you have the great work of love to share through your own unique expression as well.

Channellings come through in English and the Language of Light.

The written form of these codes of Light, this Universal Language of Light comes from the stars, from Source,  and they are energetic symbols, forms of written energy, as well as dimensional portals that activate the world, and gateways to other realms of Lightconsciousness.

It is these codes, this energetic signature that the angels have told me have helped bring all Light into matter, into form and that such patterns of energy have made the world. They have and can create all the worlds by bringing the physical world into form through the channelling of the higher realms of Light, the realms of the Formless, the Unborn and Undying, the space of Perfect Oneness.

These characters and symbols are each a portal in and of themselves to activate and guide though and into awakening those who are ready (if you are reading this, and there is a calling in your heart, and it is resonating with you as Truth, you are ready!) to receive more of your magnificence, more of your own personal Divine power, more of your very Soul into the light of your conscious awareness.

This is the work and the study for all the healers and empaths and indigo children, all the hippies and the psychics and the burners, starseeds and Pleiadians and Andromedans, Arcturians and Lemurians and Atlanteans, from every galaxy, those who are here to be the love that they are in the world by sharing that unconditional blessed love with everyone.

I am so grateful and so blessed to be able to receive these messages and am honoured to be able to share them with you.

More recently, Ascended Masters and Archangels (some of whom I know and work with continuously and some I have yet to meet) have been channelling through me. Merging with my Higher Self, the more my Higher Self embodies my physical form, and these Masters and Archangels come through my body to share messages and healing and energy work.

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