999 Gateway Love!

Blessed 999 Gateway, Beloveds!

Nothing that is not Light, that is not aware of itself as Light, as Love, as Grace in holy action, can pass beyond today! YAYYYYYY!

Today is a holy portal of Light, today is a day of completion, so all that you would leave behind, all that is not you, all that does not make your heart sing with joy and gratitude and feel lighter than air, now is the day and the time to leave it, to return it to the Oneness of All Life.

This post is a portal, is the portal, is infused with the energies of the White Diamond Ascension Flame, gridded with the Love of Completion, the Light of New Creation, the Love of the Divine Soul Blueprint of your Holy Ascended Self. Feel into the Light, breathe in, and feel. Let your cells vibrate with this holy Essence, with these majestic lightstreams, and let your mind and thoughts and heart resonate to these words, this love and love and LOVE.

Every pain, every memory, every story, every hurt, every emotion, every circumstance and situation, every relationship and person and place and thing that is no longer serving you, that is no longer loving you unconditionally, and that you are no longer loving unconditionally, now is the now to leave it behind.

Nothing that is not LOVE can pass through this gateway, because only Love is here and now, only Love is real, only Love is true, and only Love is present. Only Love is ever going on.

Today is choice, and all those who have chosen,(for indeed, you have already chosen, loves), all of you dearlings who are here have already agreed to Love. That Love is the most important thing. That Love is the ending and beginning, Love is the answer to every question, Love is why we are here, and why we have come.

There is nothing beyond Love, there is no Truth from any Source that is truer than Love.

Feel into the laughing, gorgeous, glowing, brilliant, sparkling sentient Light of this portal, feel how your Soul shines as all that you are, are illuminated by the blessings of the Light, the blessings of the cosmos, the blessings and the dreams of the suns and the moons and all the stars. The blessings of all the galaxies, the diamond heart of God is here for you, darlings, breathe in.

Breathe in, breathe in, breathe in. Breathe in to your own power, breathe into your own heart, breathe into your own essence. Breathe into what the Light of your Soul feels like, as it caresses your skin. Breathe in the Light of You, as you merge evermore with the Love that you are, with the Love that you have always been, with the Love that has been waiting for you to see it.

You are Seen, Beloved, you are seen, you are known, and you are loved, as Love itself, as the One you have been waiting for.

The Light is present here, giggling, sparkling, let yourself hear the songs of the stars, let yourself be embraced and cradled by the colours of the Sun, the Sun that is the Source of your own Love, of all Love, of all that is, that glows infinitely in your own beautiful heart, darling.

Let the Light of your own precious Heart, your Love, fill you up with everything you have ever wanted, and have ever needed, and when you are full to joyous laugher, full to bliss and grace and overflowing peace, let all your world be filled with your Love, let all your world be blessed by the Life in your Heart, by the Love that you are, by the Light of your own perfect Grace.

The Light of your Heart is a burning flame of Love, and today, darlings, that Love that is caressing you, that wants to support you and hold you and love you, that Holy Flame of your I AM Presence, your One True Essence of the Light, that Flame is White Diamond Flame.

Let the White Diamond Flame burn all that is not you up from the inside out. Let the White Diamond Flame crackle and pierce with laser light all the old energies, all the old beliefs, all the old lives and thoughts and emotions, all the old density, all that is not truly you, and let them flow out from your cells, back unto Source, now.

Let your cells empty, until all that is left is the Light, all that is left is your Love, all that is here, now, is your own Soul, shining at you, with you, as you, now and forever.

Let your cells be filled by the Love that is right here, right now, by your Soul, by the Light that you are, by the Light that is beaming down from all the realms of heaven to bless you in service, to bless you in gratitude for all you have done, to bless you for all that you are, and for the Light that you have carried for eons, Beloved One.

See all that is not aware that it is the Light, let it be seen as the Light that it truly is, let it be accepted and loved, and loved and loved and loved, loved back unto the Light, Loved back Home unto the Heart of Source, the Heart of your true nature.

Let the White Diamonds envelop all that is no longer you, and let them carry all that you no longer need, all that you are no longer in vibrational alignment with, let the diamond energy break down the cells and shake them out, and carry all the debris away, now, and as the debris is lifted off of you, let the Infinite Loving Heart of Source fill up your cells with the Light of your own Holy Radiance, the Light of your own precious Love, with all the unconditional Love that exists in the Heart of the One that you are, and let there be nothing but love.

All that hurts, all that is pain, all that is fear and rage and sadness, all that is guilt and shame and terror, all that is anger and grief and heartache, let all be consumed by Holy Fire, the White Diamond Flame of Love that flows forth from the Cosmos today, and returned to Source as the Essence of God. May every cell be blessed as never before with the Infinite Radiant Light of Love, may every cell be called forth now to SHINE, to shine with the brilliant unending LoveLight, now and forevermore, in the name of the I AM, and so it is.

Walk through the portal, darlings, into the New World that is waiting for you.

Love and Love and LOVE, Beloveds.
Blessings of the Highest Light upon this Holy Day

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