The Soul Remembers

The Soul Remembers, Beloved

The Soul Remembers EVERYTHING

Everything that has ever occurred

But the Soul does not record the pain, oh no

The Soul records the Light

Only ever the Light

In your Soul, darling, pain does not exist

Fear does not exist

Tragedy does not exist

All that is not LIGHT dies unto itself

To be welcomed Home into the Light it has always been

What you are being called to Remember IS the Love

Is the Light that has always been present

What we are being called to Remember is the Love that is present right NOW

And right NOW

And right NOW

Love and Love and Love

Find that Love, Find that Light, find that glorious Presence in every moment you’re in

Find yourself Home

Unto the Light that You Are.

Come Home unto YOU

Your glowing, brilliant, laughing, shining, delighted, abundant, perfect, brilliant, amazing, magnificent YOU

Right NOW

NOW and NOW and NOW

Ever more Love, and more Love, and more LOVE

Every moment contains more Love than the moment before

Move into that Love, darling

Expand and expand and expand

Into ever more LOVE

Love overflowing, Love skipping and laughing and dancing

Love floating and flying and swimming

Love walking and running and moving

Love and Love and LOVE

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