Light and Light and LIGHT!

Infinite Home of the Light

That is YOU, Beloved

That is the space where thoughts and feeling flow through

Space is where Light resides

And all is Space

All is Light

You are the Home of the Light

For the Light

All Light exists in you

Within you

Is all of the Light in Creation

All Light is Yours

And nothing else is yours

Nothing else is True, but the Light

Nothing else has ever been true, but the Light

Because the Light

The infinite glowing Presence of Unconditional Love

Is all that’s True


There is only LIGHT


There is only LIGHT

Everywhere there is only LOVE

Love and Love and LOVE

Light and Light and Light

Father/Mother/Child of all Creation



NOW and NOW and NOW


Home of the Light

Home of LOVE

Of Love and Love and LOVE

Blessings to every Love

Blessings to every Now

Blessings to every particle and every wave of Light


Unto the glory of the illuminated world

Ever-present Light

Ever present Light

Ever present LIGHT.

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