We’ve done it, Beloveds!

We’re home!

When I woke up this morning, New Earth had embraced all old versions of the planet

Every old timeline

Every illusion

Every fear based reality


All embraced by the Light

All cradled by the Light

And merged back into One With

The Soul of Gaia consuming and embracing and loving all pain

Enveloping all anger and fear and sorrow until it dissolved

And now it is GONE!

Illuminated World, Here. Now. Present. A gift to all of You who are the Masters.

(We are all here, because we are the Masters, we ARE the Illuminated Ones)

Light and Light and LIGHT!

I went to connect, to breathe, to meditate, to ground into Her crystalline core, and today, the crystal was not the deepest layer of her Heart.

As I moved through the Earth, everything was Emerald Crystalline, liquid and sparkly, every particle of Light a sparkle, a shimmer on the edges of vision, everything was glitter, and all was tinkling laughter, and all I could feel was She, loving Herself.

Underneath the Emerald, the Crystalline Core opened, huge expanse of refracted Light, sphere of holy quartz from the Ascended Heart of the Divine Centre of the Galaxies, as a gift to the Holy Mother. Pulsing, beaming, shining Light, spinning, self-generating, every atom its own Universe, turning in joy of the Holy Name.

Within the sphere, entire cities of Light, glowing brilliantly, crystal upon crystal upon crystal. Home and Home and Home. Waiting for us to be ready, because we get there by loving-and a blink-and no more waiting!

We Love NOW.

And so the time is NOW.

Home is NOW.

We are already there.



In joy and laughter and song.

Living in Light, as Light.

Being Light.

Sharing and singing and praising in Oneness the Holy Ones that We ARE.

Every Divine Name in existence, every Holy Name that has ever existed is OURS.

We claim, we proclaim, that we are, and it is So. It is Done, Beloveds! We enter into the Truth of our Beingness, our Holy Sunship of the Earth, and through the core of Crystal is the Illuminated Heart of Source, the Love of the Galactic Core, the Golden Essence of the Light, liquid honeyed sparkle-lit LOVE.


Love and Love and Love, flowing over and upon and through me, through all of us, with delight and joy and laughter. Welcoming Her children home.

Home and Home and Home, Divine Loves.

We are Home, right now.

Feel into the Light that you are, the Light that is cradling you, the Light that is You, your own Holy Essence of Truth, of Love, of Peace, of Grace and of unending Joy.

We are all sparkly, glorious, illuminated, liquid LIGHT.

Refracted crystalline rainbows of emotion, moving through us, blessing us with more and more and more LOVE.

Every experience, every memory, every thought, every feeling are waves of Light, moving through us, looking for their Home in the Source that is You.

Light and Light and LIGHT!

Infinite blessings of Truth, of crystalline comfort and golden glowing Wholeness, Grace-filled shining Holiness of Thy True Nature unto Thee, Holy Child of the Light.

Beloved, Beloved, Beloved.

Welcome Home.

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