Heart Lights

The Light that is present, shining, glowing, beaming, comforting

Even in the darkest of spaces

Your Heart is full of Love, darling

Your Heart is full of Love and can also be hurting, can also be full of pain

Your Soul cannot hurt

Your Soul cannot be silenced

Your Soul is Love

Love and Love and LOVE

Joy, laughter, expression overflowing into the world

From you

From you, as the Divine One that you are

Let the Love flow out from your Soul

Connect to the shining, perfect essence of YOU

The You that loves everything you see

The You that loves all that you are

The You that is so proud of you

So proud of you, Beloved

You have taken on so much

And you have come so far

You have come so far so that you can be the beacon,

So that you can be the Light for the World, NOW

Once you see, you can’t unsee.

You see the Light, darling

You see it

It is visible to you

It is visible to you because is IS you

What you See, you ARE.

Look for the Light, and See!

Look for the Love, and See!

Look for the Truth, and See!

Look for the Peace, and See its ocean arise from your very Being

Look for the Heart in all that you See, and find it beating in joy within your chest.

Look for the Grace, and find yourself be awash in miracles

Look for the Joy, and find yourself as the Divine Child, as the One who has entered the Kingdom

Look for the Blessings, and find yourself Blessed beyond what you can dream

Look for the Light

And when the Light is not visible in what you See

It is calling upon you to BE it

Look for the Love

And when the Love is not present

BE that Love in the world

So all are illuminated

Once again

Into their own Holy Presence

Into the Divine Kingdom of the Heart

Heart Truths

Heart Loves

Heart Lights the Way

Love and Love and LOVE!

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