Your Soul only Remembers Light

Your Soul remembers the Light

That IS

Your Soul remembers the Truth of BEING that Light

Your Soul expresses in Light and works in Light

A lightness of Being?

That is your Soul

Joy, peace, bliss, love

Your heart glowing to light up the world?

That is your Soul

Your Soul remembers all the Light

Your Soul remembers only Light

Everything that has ever happened to you

In this life or any other

In this reality right now,

In every reality

Is only ever Light

Is only ever Love,

And you, as you are, right now

Are being called upon to remember that love

The Love that was always present

The Love that was always cradling you

In every moment of pain

In every moment of fear

In every moment of a frequency that felt so far away from the Divine

Love was there

Love was there, comforting you,

Fluffing your wings

A breath of Love

A hand brushing your cheek

Or on your shoulder

A comforting presence in a space of pain

A Light in the darkness

Love was sharing with you the secrets of the Universe

Love was keeping your Light lit

Love was illuminating your Holy Flame

Love was awakening your Heart

Love was wiping your tears

Love was smoothing your hair

Love was bathing your wounds

Love was washing your feet

Love was peace in the face of rage

Love was calm in the face of terror

Love was joy in the face of sorrow

Love was

Love IS

Love is here, right now

Loving you

Loving all of you

Loving you

Loving you

Loving you

Loving every space and place in existence

You are all things

You are All That Is.

Love Is All That Is.

Love is All There Ever Was

Love is All There Ever Will Be

Love and Love and Love

There is no part of you that is not LOVE, Beloved.

Love and Love and LOVE.

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