Trust in the Divine

Trust, Beloved

Trust that you are Home, Now

Trust that you are taken care of

Trust that you are held in the Highest Light

Trust that you are indeed cradled in Love

Trust that you are supported in all that you love and all that you desire

Trust that you are safe, always

Trust that the Light is present with you

Trust that you are cradled by the Light

Trust that there is nothing you can do that will ever stop your destiny

Trust that you can’t mess it up

Trust that you are HOME

Right now, right here, in the Light

Feel the Light

Feel it cradling you

Feel the Sun on your face

Feel your Holy Self as the sun

You are all Suns now, beloved

You have always been Sons

Blessed beings of grace

Divine essence

Gender neutral


Blended beings of awesomeness

Grace and grace and grace

The holy light

The holy beautiful light is loving you

Is cradling you

Is holding you in prayer and solitude

Is holding you up unto the sun

Welcome home, beloved

Unto your own gorgeous Heart

Love and Love and LOVE.

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