The Moon shimmers, calls

I can hear her

No longer a whisper

The song of a loon


And comforting

Her Light is joyous

Dark clouds cannot truly obscure her brightness

The Truth is Home

The Truth is Whole

Light and Light and LIGHT

Radiant divine beauty



Wrapped in unending grace

There is nothing here but Love

There is nothing here but Being

All Being is Perfect

All is Divine

Gracious Holy Light

We are here for you

We honour you, Mother

Thank you for lighting our way all these years

Thank you for bringing us home, over and over and over again

We are so grateful

Your Light opens us, expands us to be the loving versions of ourselves

We can see by your Light, Mother, and so we can See

The clarity that you offer

The presence of your cycles

The hope you bring, that there is always light

Ever in the darkness

There is always Light

Light and Light and Light

Light everlasting

Light eternal

The glowing support of the night


Always here

Loving and Loving and Loving

Embracing Us

Loving Us

Knowing Us

We Are Supported

Let Yourself Be Supported

By the Grace of Ever Present Nature

Go outside




Send the Light of your Heart down to the Mother

To the Crystalline Light of Gaia’s Golden Heart


Precious Silence Here

Everything stills

The Lord of Light

The Keeper of the Holy Flame in the Centre of the Light

Light and Light and Light



Cities of Crystalline Light in the centre of the earth

Darling mother

Darling dearest grace

Gifting you with the holy abundance of your birthright

You are Divine, love

You are Divine Love

Trust in the Love that You Are

Trust in Love

Trust Love Trust Love Trust Love

They have given you the Heart of the Mother

What grace has been blessed throughout all the Lights in existence

Holy child, holy grace of love, holy, holy, holy

All is well

All is well

All is well

This Divine Moon flowing

Through and through and through

Cradling safety

The Divine Heart of the Mother

Of Gaia

Is your heart Now, Beloved

Breathe it

Be it

Feel it in your soul

Feel the heartbeat of the Mother in your breast

Feel her heart moving within you

Crystal heart of Divinity

Divine Mother moving within you

Moving through you

Trust in your own divine heart, child of the cosmos

Trust in the Light that you are

Trust in the Light that you bring to the world

Trust in all that is Holy

Everything is Holy

The Light is Present

The Light Knows you

The Light Loves You

Love and Love and LOVE, forevermore.

Light and Light and LIGHT.

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