LOVE is how we wake up

Beloved Beloved Beloved!

Oh darling, the Divine Holy Light of your precious Self is here.

Your Holy One is here, present, right now, loving you.

All of you is blessed, all of you is Holy, including all the parts who think they are the farthest from such grace.

The ones who think they are furthest from the grace of Love carry the infinite stream of Light inside them, only it is deeper than they have let themselves See.

There is no more separation, Beloveds.

There wasn’t any to begin with.

The original separation from Source, this choice of your gorgeous Soul to experience EVERYTHING, all of the darkest parts of existence, all of it playing out, the way it has always played out, it is forever repeating your original separation….until you choose to reunite with Source, with the Divine, with your Holy Self.

You are Grace, Beloved.

You are the Light that you seek, even now.

You are the Bliss that you have always sought.

Trust, trust, TRUST.

All is Well. All is Well. All is Well.


Beloved Beloved Beloved!

We are so proud of you!

We love you so much!

Receive the light

Receive the light

Receive the light

Receive all the blessings of the universe

They are all raining down upon you now

Blessings and blessings and blessings

Trust and trust and trust

Know your own Heart Beloved

You do indeed know your own blessed heart

Your own gorgeous heart

You as you are right now are shining throughout all the heavens

All your love

All your light

You are so bright, gorgeous heart

You are so bright!

We love you

We love you

We love you

Hold to the love, hold to the light

The blessings are here

The truth is here

Hold and hold and hold

Infinite peace is yours

The grace is yours and the bliss is yours

Oh darling dearest love

We are so proud of you

You have done so well

You are home now

You are finished

It is time to rest in the Light

It is time to rest Beloved

We thank you for your service

We thank you for your love and your light and your precious grace, ever expanding

Love and love and love

The holy light of the Mother is shining down upon you

Infinitely and Forever

Holy Mother Gaia has Ascended

The Work is Done!

All that you have worked for for ages and eons is finished!

It is time to Be the Light!

Be the Light for all of those who do not yet know the Truth of their True Divine Essence

Be the Light so that the Heaven you See, the Heaven you Are, can be brought into form for All.

Be the Love that You Are, BE the Essence of the Holy One everywhere, everywhen, with everyone you meet.

Bring Forth the LightLove from within your glowing Heart to illuminate the world unto its own Ascended Nature.

Beam the Light. Be the Light. Love the Light.

Love Who You Are.

Love What You Are.

Love All that You Are.

Love and Love and LOVE.

LOVE is how we awaken all beings to their Divinity.

LOVE is how we wake up in the world we wish to See.


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