Stargate for 7-7-7

7-7-7 Stargate Light Language Activation!I love youuuu!

For those of you new to Light Language,it is a language of Creation, written(and spoken, sung and signed!) energy. It’s been coming through me written for about 4 years, and it’s time to share😃 

Go into your gorgeous Heart and See through your Heart. Let yourself receive the Light, receive the energy, receive the stargate of today, let her activate you, let yourself feel the Light that you are!

I experienced her earlier as a blue-green-gold portal, wrapping around and expanding out from the Sun (both our Sun in the sky and the Great Central Sun from Source), layers and waves of lightning, gold and green, grace and grace and ever more grace. 

Lemurian energies, transmuting absolutely everything that no longer serves us moving forward to hold New Earth in our bodies, to anchor the Highest frequencies of Light. 

She as a portal is now spinning, activating every atom counterclockwise, throughout my heart, and expanding my heart throughout all of my body. Light and Light and ever more LIGHT, darlings ❤️

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