Blessings for the 7-7-7 Gateway

For this gorgeous 7-7-7 Gateway:
We call forth the Highest Light, in the name of the I AM

We call forth the infinitely abundant blessings of the New Earth!

We call upon the Holy Light and invoke the Divine Grace of Truth to be here, with us, in this NOW. 

The Light is Here. 

The Truth is Here. 

The Peace that we have ever longed for is Here, Beloveds!

Take in the Light that arcs through the clouds, take in the beaming sun, take into yourself the overflowing abundance of the Universe. She is gifting you, darling! She is blessing you in every holy moment! 

The angels are here, laughing with joy in the skies, we see your radiance from here, we see your brilliance , we see your shining beauty, we see your gorgeous hearts. 

All is well. 

All is well. 

All is well.  

You are supported. 

Your heart is supported. 

You, your holy being, all of you, is blessed with Love from every heaven. 

The Light knows you. 

The Light loves you. 

The Light IS you. 
May all anger be blessed with peace, may all affected by anger be cradled by peace. 

May all hurt by rage be blessed and comforted. 

May all who have known anger now know the holy truth of their own power, the power that comes from love. 

May all sadness be blessed with soft tissues and even softer blankets. 

May all know their tears as sacred expressions of divine grace. 

May all beings who are hurting be embraced with infinite compassion. 

May all who are in the grip of fear know relief, may their minds be stilled by peace and may their bodies know relaxation. 

May all honour their own hearts by hearing the still voice of, and listening to their own illuminated souls. 

May all beings allow the Light to love them,to fully embrace them. 

May all hearts allow themselves to be unconditionally loved, may they know all of themselves as worthy of love and made of love. 

May all receive the light of their own souls fully into their grace filled vessels. 

May all beings bless the world with the truth of their souls. 

May all know every dear desire of their hearts, and through those hearts, may every desire be manifest in this sacred world of form. 

May each holy one be the Divine Presence of Love to every being who knows not their true nature. 

May all be loved unconditionally, may all be blessed everlasting, and may all experience heaven for themselves, right here, right now, on this New Earth. 


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