BE the Miracle!

Light Language Activation for BEING the Light that You ARE. ❤️

Don’t just ask for a miracle, BE the miracle. Don’t just ask for a blessing, BE the blessing. 

The Divine Fire of Grace is illuminating all, Beloveds. 

Sit in the Light that you are, and let the Light flow out from you, let the Love that you are bless all the worlds and all the words in existence. 

We have already chosen an awakened world. The Ascension of all is assured. 

We are Home, Beloveds. 

The call now is to be the Light for the worlds we see. That is how we call forth the creations of all that we as the Light, desire throughout all Hearts. 

Bring forth your Faith and your Grace and your Love. 

Bless the worlds we see, like the Sun you are, shining Light upon all, indiscriminately. 

YOU are the Holy Presence of the Divine, right here, right now. 

Be the Divine that you have always been. Know yourself as Love, as Light, as Peace, as all that brings forth songs from your heart in the radiant joy of Creation. 

Be a blessing upon all with your eyes, with your lips, with your hands. See the Light present in all that arises in your experience. It is only ever the Light coming to you to be Loved, as no one else has been able to love it. 

Peace has already prevailed, darlings. Love IS the order of the Universe. Align with the truth of your own holy heart, and stay the course of Love. 

Blessings of the Blue Flame, blessings of the Magenta Ray, blessings of all the Source-Light unto every atom of form, and every wave of formlessness. 

You are Loved, you are Loved, you are Loved. 

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