The Way of Beauty 

Know your own Hearts. 
What is true?

What is true is that we LOVE. 

Something happens in our realities we don’t like, that triggers a reaction, something that hurts, deeply. Something that takes our breath away from the pain of it. Something that shocks us (or doesn’t, we are so desensitized to it). 
For all the beautiful things in the world, we pray for more beauty. We call for more art and music and love to illuminate all the broken hearts. We call for the grace of the Divine to fill all the dark places, we thank the darkness for arising, for showing us what needs to be illuminated, what is asking for honour and courage and grace. We thank the shadows for showing us where they need love, where they are asking for us to love them. Where perhaps no one has ever loved them before today. 
Blessings to every single gorgeous being affected by and dealing with their shadows both personally and collectively. 
Love forever to every single one of you. We bless your shadows. We honour your shadows. We embrace you, and give you hugs and support. We bless your unconsciousness. We honour your fear, we embrace your rage, we cradle your pain. Whatever you’re feeling, your feelings are respected and honoured here, in the grace of your own loving heart. 
The Light is your True Home, Beloved. 

The Light has always been your home. 

Love has always been our home. 

Love IS our home, right now. 

LOVE forevermore, Beloveds. 

Love and Love and LOVE 

Love and Love and LOVE 

Love and Love and LOVE 

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