We hear the cries, Beloved. We feel your hearts breaking, and you are all indeed breaking open unto the Light. We honour your pain and your sorrow. We honour your rage and your fear. 
What is surfacing now must arise, must be brought into the Light of the glorious day, and Love of your precious hearts must be shone on all. All the shadows are to be illuminated from the inside out. 

We bring you home unto yourselves, Beloveds. We bring you home to your own truth, your own Divine nature, as Love and Love and Love. 

You are nothing less than Love. You have never been anything less than Love. 

LOVE is what you ARE. 

And we call to you now, for you to be that Love, everywhere you are. To bring forth that Love from deep inside your own precious heart, and illuminate the world with it. Bathe the world with it! 

Honour yourself, darling. 

We are being called to hold the Light now, for all those in sorrow and despair, for all in hate and fear, for all in rage and pain. All of you. We hold the Light for you. 

We lift you up, and embrace all your feelings as the Light. 

Come to us. We are here, loving you. 

We are loving you, and loving you, and loving you. 

You are supported, darling.

We say unto you, honour your own feelings. However you are feeling, it is not wrong! All your feelings are here to be loved. They are asking to be loved, dearling. They are asking to be loved, right NOW. Not later, not tomorrow, not next week. But right NOW. 

Love your sorrow, cradle your fear, embrace your sadness. Comfort your pain, relax into your judgement, reveal what is no longer true in your hatred. 

We cannot find the answers, we cannot find the solutions “out there” any longer. The answers have to come from inside us. From inside our own glowing hearts. 

Where is there is still hate? 

Where are we judging? 

Where have we ignored ourselves? 

Everything that exists in the world “out there” right now is our collective unconscious. What we have ignored, what has been pushed aside, what has never been loved. 

Everything in existence is asking for our Love. To be embraced, to be seen for the catalyst that it is, to be seen for the Light that is truly at its essence, underneath all the shadows. 

Everything in existence is only ever asking to be loved. 

Love the essence of those who have hurt you, love the Light that is present in those who have hurt you the most in the world. 

Love the Light that they are, too. 

We cannot love their actions, we cannot love the violence, we cannot love the pain and the suffering that is playing out, but we CAN love their true essence too, for their Soul is Divine, their true essence is God, their true form is Light as well. 

The ones who are lashing out, the ones who are hurting others are hurting themselves. They are in pain, they are unconscious. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”. 

Indeed, Beloveds, they do not know what they are doing. 

But you do!
You do. 
If you are reading this, you are aware, you are waking up, and you know that this is not the way. 

Love is the way. 

So BE that Love, Beloveds. 

Be the love that you seek, be the love that can be perceived as so lacking in the world right now. 

It is not lacking, sweetheart, we simply haven’t brought if forth from ourselves! 

WE are the ones we have been waiting for, WE are the Lightbearers. 

We see something that is not Light in our reality, we bring the Light to it. We bathe it in Light, we bathe it in Love. 

Everything is conscious, beloveds, it all simply wants to be acknowledged for the Love that it IS. 

We cannot see it “out there” until we honour its presence WITHIN us, first. 

For us to each have our own New Earth, our own gorgeous reality that is already present, we must call forth the Light from inside of us to illuminate the world. 

Wherever you witness lack, be abundance. 

Whatever you see that is lacking in the world, BE the highest vibration you can be, in the moment of now you are in. 

Where there is hate, BE the essence of Love. 

Where there is fear, BE Peace. 

Where there is anger and rage, vibrate calm out from you. 

Be the Presence of the Divine in the world. 

Where there is sadness, be comfort, be Light. 

Let the world you wish to see, the the world you desire overflow from you into every corner of your present reality. 

Let your own Divine Heart Light the Way of Beauty, the Way of Grace, the Way of Love. 

Love and Love and LOVE ❤️

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