Shift to LOVE

We are being called to shift our focus, Beloveds. We are being called to shift our focus, to find our centre, not “out there” but inside HERE, right here, right now. 
The call now is to find the glowing centre of our own Hearts, as the Divine Universe that we are. Find the Love in our own Hearts, within our own being that is being called for, over and over and over again, in every moment. 
In every moment, what are you loving? 
Where is your energy going? And why? 
We, as empathic beings, we feel the world around us. We feel EVERYTHING. We feel like we’re drowning in the despair and the terror and the sadness of these times. We feel the broken hearts and broken bodies. We feel the rage and the pain as a shock in every part of us, and we are overwhelmed, and we don’t know what to do about it. 
For those of us who can take physical action, yes, yes , YES, thank you, the world needs you, needs your sacred hands and open hearts and voices that refuse to be silenced. 
For those of you who don’t know what to do, LISTEN. Your heart is telling you. Right now. Hear the frequencies of Love vibrating deep within you, expand your Heart to encompass the whole Universe, and bless, and bless, and bless, with Love and with Love and with Love. 
We feel everything because we are here to shift it all, Beloveds. Right now. In every moment. We feel it, because we are the ones who have to love it now. Anything out of alignment in your realities, anything that feels “off”, anything that makes you pull back in fear and shock and pain and sorrow is asking for your love. 
Can YOU love me? Asks hate. 

Can YOU love me? Begs fear. 

Can YOU love me? Whimpers sorrow. 

Can YOU love me? Roars rage. 
I’ve gone to everyone else on the planet, says these feelings, cries these emotions and they’ve all rejected me. They’re all terrified of me. Of what letting me in might mean about them. People might look at them funny for having feelings. What a weird houseguest. You don’t want people knowing you’re related to *that*. 
I’m not gonna stay, y’know. 

I’m not permanent!
I just need a soft place to land, a place to crash, for a minute, for an hour, maybe even a night or two. And then I’ll be on my way. To find someone else to love me too. To help be the catalyst for more and more people to open their hearts and their minds. 
I’m here, and I’m asking you to love me. If I’m showing up in your reality, I exist inside of you, somewhere. Maybe you’ve shut the door on me. Maybe you’ve locked me in a closet, or in a cupboard under the stairs. Maybe I’m buried so deep you’ve forgotten about me, you’ve convinced yourself that I don’t exist. But I’m here. Right now. Asking you to love me. Asking to be loved, in this moment, right as you feel me. 
Love me. 

Love me. 

Love me. 

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