Matching with the Light

NEVER lower your vibration!
We are all Divine, Beloveds, but for those of us who are not aware that they are divine, who do not know their true nature, who do not know their own abundance, their own glory, their own Light as the divine Presence of Grace upon the Earth, of Love as the Divine Present (Moment), they are vibrating at a frequency that is lower than their own magnificence. At a frequency that is lower than your Soul. 

You need not match their frequencies any longer! We call forth all your own energy, your own divine sovereignty to return to you, NOW, in the name of the I AM that I AM. 

The Truth of your Soul is Divine. The Truth of Your Soul, of your Consciousness is LOVE. 

Only Love, ever Love, always LOVE. 

Love IS the highest vibration in existence. 

We are here Beloveds, not to conform. NOT to match our vibration to the frequencies of fear, or rage or pain. 

We are here to BE the Light for humanity. To be the Love for the human race for all to remember their true nature. 

And we, as empaths, as beings sensitive to energy, who know ourselves as energy above and beyond all else, we learn to attune ourselves to the frequencies around us, instead of the frequencies within us. 

You take care of your inner heart, you nurture the love that you are, the Love that is your true essence, and beam that Love out into all the heavens, and all the infinite versions of the planet(s) upon which you live. 

The question is, which version of you are you choosing?

Love Now, and now, and right NOW. 

Whatever the choice, choose love. 

When you’re feeling sad, when anger and rage is bubbling up, when there is fear present in what feels like every corner of the world, when you look outside of you….
Go in. 
Go inward. Go into your own glowing heart. Feel the hurt, feel the pain, feel the rage and the terror and the bone deep sadness. We are all one, Beloveds. We are all connected. What happens to one happens to all, and we feel it. We feel it in our bones, in the waves of energy that crash over the surface of our skin, we feel all the hearts crying out, because this is not the way to Love. 

You stay true to yourself, you honour your own vibration, you keep yourself vibrating above the fear and the pain and the rage right now (because you can’t help anyone else if you’re lost in what the whole world is vibrating at). Feel what you need to feel. Feel EVERYTHING. Being in the world, but being not of it. 

Be a blessing upon the world. Light the way for those who don’t know how to connect to their own heart right now, for those who are feeling overwhelmed and angry and scared. 

Hold the Light for them, while they grieve and rest and feel. 

We hold the Light for you, Beloveds, while this whole wide world awakens. 

We are here, holding you, cradling you, blessing you with Love. Letting the grace of Peace, of the unconditional Light of the Divine shine in all the places where the shadows have been for too long. 

We are with you. We love you. We bless you. 

America is the first to wake up. 

Hold to that truth, beloveds. 

Trust indeed, darlings, that all is well. 

The Divine Plan has always been Peace. Has always been unending Grace. 

Has always been all of you, visible in your precious beauty, shining, glowing from within as the Lights that you are. 
Love and Love and LOVE. 


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