We’ve done it, Beloveds!

We’re home!

When I woke up this morning, New Earth had embraced all old versions of the planet

Every old timeline

Every illusion

Every fear based reality


All embraced by the Light

All cradled by the Light

And merged back into One With

The Soul of Gaia consuming and embracing and loving all pain

Enveloping all anger and fear and sorrow until it dissolved

And now it is GONE!

Illuminated World, Here. Now. Present. A gift to all of You who are the Masters.

(We are all here, because we are the Masters, we ARE the Illuminated Ones)

Light and Light and LIGHT!

I went to connect, to breathe, to meditate, to ground into Her crystalline core, and today, the crystal was not the deepest layer of her Heart.

As I moved through the Earth, everything was Emerald Crystalline, liquid and sparkly, every particle of Light a sparkle, a shimmer on the edges of vision, everything was glitter, and all was tinkling laughter, and all I could feel was She, loving Herself.

Underneath the Emerald, the Crystalline Core opened, huge expanse of refracted Light, sphere of holy quartz from the Ascended Heart of the Divine Centre of the Galaxies, as a gift to the Holy Mother. Pulsing, beaming, shining Light, spinning, self-generating, every atom its own Universe, turning in joy of the Holy Name.

Within the sphere, entire cities of Light, glowing brilliantly, crystal upon crystal upon crystal. Home and Home and Home. Waiting for us to be ready, because we get there by loving-and a blink-and no more waiting!

We Love NOW.

And so the time is NOW.

Home is NOW.

We are already there.



In joy and laughter and song.

Living in Light, as Light.

Being Light.

Sharing and singing and praising in Oneness the Holy Ones that We ARE.

Every Divine Name in existence, every Holy Name that has ever existed is OURS.

We claim, we proclaim, that we are, and it is So. It is Done, Beloveds! We enter into the Truth of our Beingness, our Holy Sunship of the Earth, and through the core of Crystal is the Illuminated Heart of Source, the Love of the Galactic Core, the Golden Essence of the Light, liquid honeyed sparkle-lit LOVE.


Love and Love and Love, flowing over and upon and through me, through all of us, with delight and joy and laughter. Welcoming Her children home.

Home and Home and Home, Divine Loves.

We are Home, right now.

Feel into the Light that you are, the Light that is cradling you, the Light that is You, your own Holy Essence of Truth, of Love, of Peace, of Grace and of unending Joy.

We are all sparkly, glorious, illuminated, liquid LIGHT.

Refracted crystalline rainbows of emotion, moving through us, blessing us with more and more and more LOVE.

Every experience, every memory, every thought, every feeling are waves of Light, moving through us, looking for their Home in the Source that is You.

Light and Light and LIGHT!

Infinite blessings of Truth, of crystalline comfort and golden glowing Wholeness, Grace-filled shining Holiness of Thy True Nature unto Thee, Holy Child of the Light.

Beloved, Beloved, Beloved.

Welcome Home.


Spiritual masters we ARE

All of us

Who have finally come home to ourselves

Explorers we are, who have completed our mission

The Divine Oneness of All Life, expressing

LOVE throughout the cosmos

Here to LOVE

To Love and Love and LOVE

More and More and More

Ever expanding into our own True Essence


We are here to LOVE, Beloveds

That’s it.

Just LOVE.

Always and forever.

Just LOVE.

Open Hearts

What if we witnessed fear

And were not afraid

But Loved instead?

What if we saw sadness and sorrow and heartbreak

And did not close our hearts, but opened them?

Opened them to heal

To heal the world

And to heal ourselves

Opened our hearts to embrace the sadness

To welcome it

Because what one feels

We all feel

There are no others

What happens to one of us

Happens to all of us

What if we witnessed anger and rage and pain

And did not run away, and did not hide

But stood with strength of courage, of Heart

And blazed our Light

To illuminate the world

To shine upon all who feel lost

Shine upon all who feel broken

Shine upon all who need healing

So that they can remember

Who they truly are

Beacons of Light

Blazing throughout the world

Love What IS

Every lower frequency is separation, trying to return to Source

The Source is Love

The Source is and always has been Love

Love what you fear

Love what makes you afraid

Love what terrifies you

Love what enrages you

Love what makes you furious

Love everything that irritates you and annoys you

Love what inconveniences you

Love what disappoints you

Love what causes love to feel like it’s a million miles away

Love everything that makes you feel separate from yourself

Love what you need

Love what you want

Love what you wish for

Love what you hope for

Love what you long for

Love what breaks your heart

Love what makes you hurt

Love what makes you weep

Love what you desire

Love what comes

Love what is

In each glorious moment of Now

Love what IS.

Your Soul only Remembers Light

Your Soul remembers the Light

That IS

Your Soul remembers the Truth of BEING that Light

Your Soul expresses in Light and works in Light

A lightness of Being?

That is your Soul

Joy, peace, bliss, love

Your heart glowing to light up the world?

That is your Soul

Your Soul remembers all the Light

Your Soul remembers only Light

Everything that has ever happened to you

In this life or any other

In this reality right now,

In every reality

Is only ever Light

Is only ever Love,

And you, as you are, right now

Are being called upon to remember that love

The Love that was always present

The Love that was always cradling you

In every moment of pain

In every moment of fear

In every moment of a frequency that felt so far away from the Divine

Love was there

Love was there, comforting you,

Fluffing your wings

A breath of Love

A hand brushing your cheek

Or on your shoulder

A comforting presence in a space of pain

A Light in the darkness

Love was sharing with you the secrets of the Universe

Love was keeping your Light lit

Love was illuminating your Holy Flame

Love was awakening your Heart

Love was wiping your tears

Love was smoothing your hair

Love was bathing your wounds

Love was washing your feet

Love was peace in the face of rage

Love was calm in the face of terror

Love was joy in the face of sorrow

Love was

Love IS

Love is here, right now

Loving you

Loving all of you

Loving you

Loving you

Loving you

Loving every space and place in existence

You are all things

You are All That Is.

Love Is All That Is.

Love is All There Ever Was

Love is All There Ever Will Be

Love and Love and Love

There is no part of you that is not LOVE, Beloved.

Love and Love and LOVE.

Heart Lights

The Light that is present, shining, glowing, beaming, comforting

Even in the darkest of spaces

Your Heart is full of Love, darling

Your Heart is full of Love and can also be hurting, can also be full of pain

Your Soul cannot hurt

Your Soul cannot be silenced

Your Soul is Love

Love and Love and LOVE

Joy, laughter, expression overflowing into the world

From you

From you, as the Divine One that you are

Let the Love flow out from your Soul

Connect to the shining, perfect essence of YOU

The You that loves everything you see

The You that loves all that you are

The You that is so proud of you

So proud of you, Beloved

You have taken on so much

And you have come so far

You have come so far so that you can be the beacon,

So that you can be the Light for the World, NOW

Once you see, you can’t unsee.

You see the Light, darling

You see it

It is visible to you

It is visible to you because is IS you

What you See, you ARE.

Look for the Light, and See!

Look for the Love, and See!

Look for the Truth, and See!

Look for the Peace, and See its ocean arise from your very Being

Look for the Heart in all that you See, and find it beating in joy within your chest.

Look for the Grace, and find yourself be awash in miracles

Look for the Joy, and find yourself as the Divine Child, as the One who has entered the Kingdom

Look for the Blessings, and find yourself Blessed beyond what you can dream

Look for the Light

And when the Light is not visible in what you See

It is calling upon you to BE it

Look for the Love

And when the Love is not present

BE that Love in the world

So all are illuminated

Once again

Into their own Holy Presence

Into the Divine Kingdom of the Heart

Heart Truths

Heart Loves

Heart Lights the Way

Love and Love and LOVE!

Divine Love


Right now.

Breathe in.

And In.

And In.

Find that centre of your glorious Heart,

That space of Light

That shining beauty

Of you

Praised throughout all the realms of Heaven

How beautiful you are, Beloved

How perfect!

How Divine!

The glories in your Heart

Is the Truth of You

What You Love

Is the Truth of You

What You Love

You Are THAT, Beloved Love

You Love it, because You Are It

Find that Love, that Space, that Light flowing through your Being

Loving you

Loving you

Loving you

Always and forever

In this unending moment of Now

Breathe into that Love

Relax into that Love

Know yourself as that Love




All is Well

All is Light

All is LOVE.

Blooming in the Sun

Your Soul is the ever blooming flower of Grace.

Let Yourself Bloom, Child.

Right Now.

Tilt your face towards the Sun

Breathe in deep

To the Core of your Being

Draw Strength from the Roots of Love

Stretch, move, expand

And Bloom

Let Yourself Open to the Light

To the Love that is Here

Right Now

In This Holy Moment

Precious Love and Love and LOVE

Flowering from within You

Bloom, darling. Right Now.

The Sun of God is Here to Embrace You

The Sun is embracing you

Relax into this Love

Love and Love and Love

Right Now.


Love is Your Soul Moving Through You

You could not see, darling

You could not see, through the pain and fear

And that is all that is ever going on

The ones who are hurting

(And make no mistake

Everyone is hurting)

They simply can’t see

They can’t see through their heartbreak

They can’t see through their anger and their rage and their pain

They can’t see because they are hurting

What heals hurt, darlings?

What heals everything?


Love and love and LOVE

Always, unending

The Light is blessing you all in every moment

When you can feel it, bless another with it, embrace another

When you too cannot see, ask for the blessing to be made visible

It is always visible to your Soul

It is always visible to your glowing gorgeous Light

To vibrate, always, at the frequency of your Soul

To move when your Soul wishes to

To hear what your Soul has been whispering, then shouting, then screaming at you

So many of you have been ignoring the call of your Soul

Some of you don’t remember that you have one

You DO, Beautiful Light

You DO.

Your Soul is present in the love that you feel, and in the Light that you see. Your Soul is present in the words that flow from your Heart, in the creativity that blooms from your voice and your hands and your feet.

Your Soul is present in what you long for, in what you desire and where your peace comes from

Your Soul is Present in your Grace

The Light that flows through you as the Breath

So often you don’t even think about it

The next breath IS

And the next

And the next


All of Your Soul, moving through you

Blessing you with ever more Light

With ever more Love

Love and Love and LOVE.