So I met God the other day….

What Would You Say, to Me, Lord, If We Both Met Face to Face?  -Hawksley Workman

I woke up with this line on repeat in my head this morning. Here’s the only version that exists on YouTube (and a fabulous version indeed!)

…So I met God the other day.

It was one of those this is EPIC and it’s gonna change how you see your life and the world and change everything about your life moments. Only I didn’t remember all of it until this morning.

The intensity of the energy, the visions, the Light has been so much that my conscious mind, and memory completely blanks out. And I come out of the groggy state (there’s usually drool involved, and contorted bodily positions) with an awareness of SOMETHING AWESOME JUST HAPPENED….but I don’t know what.

So it took a couple of days. And the awareness, right now, as I’m writing this, is that I’m completely back in the experience. Like I needed the vibrational upgrades of the past few days to be able to access the memory (which is right now)! I suspect that’s true for all memory access. It feels true.

There was this gorgeous portal of Light, this shower of golden white Light that opened up in my energy field, not pouring down upon me, but next to me, this Light flowing, unending into infinity.

It just hung out in my field, on my right side, for hours.

And I was all, oh HAI, Light, what do you want?

And the Light wanted me to jump in Her (there’s no gender to the Light, it just feels like a her right now!)

And I received an image of myself on a cliff, and the sense of jumping off the cliff, and falling into the Light, to some part of me was terrifying.

This Light was neverending. I knew that in my bones. What if, said the scared parts, what if I was falling forever?

I fought with the fear and the pull to be drawn into the waterfall of Light for most of the afternoon and evening,(and ever gratefully, the Light wasn’t pushy, She was just hanging out in my energy field, going, “Ready yet?”


“Are you ready to surrender now?”


“…How about now?”

…and I kinda forgot about her, until finally the -feeling-like you’ve-been-hit-by-a-truck-of tired- came “out of nowhere”. Such is the calling I experience for trance, for intentional dimensional hopping. The Universe going “HEY! You have work to do right now!”

So I followed the pull, I finally surrendered to it, I let myself be drawn into the Light.

To stand on the edge of the cliff and not being able to see any end.

Just Light.

A knowing in every part of me that there was no going back, there was no coming back from this.

This was forever changing me, changing EVERYTHING.

It was actually bringing me back home, bringing me back into more of myself. That’s all it’s ever doing. That’s all life is ever doing! But in the moment of the fear, all I could think was “ Is this it? Is this step on the Ascension ladder the one I don’t come back from?

And the longer I stood on the edge of the vision cliff, the the more freaked out I became. And then freaked out morphed into excitement. Like, I didn’t know what was next, I had no idea…but this was LIGHT! There was no other option, there was nothing here but my highest evolution…

So I jumped.


The Light was cradling me, holding me, loving me. She wasn’t rushing downwards at all, it only seemed that way from the human perspective. She was alive, and dynamic, and glowing, lit from within, and sparkling. Every atom of her was moving, shifting, vibrating, sparking in and out of existence (and there was no difference between whether they existed or not, they all came from the same Source, there was no difference between death and life of these sparks).

I bounced into the Light, and I started floating UP.

The Light checked in with me, like, is this okay? And I was so relieved and grateful not to be falling I was just like “sure!”

So I was lifted up and up and UP, through all this Light, faster and faster and faster. And I could see at the edges of the Light, through the Light (everything was Light, but the quality of the Light, of the stream I was in, and everything else, had shifted), we were passing dimensions, faster and faster and faster. Like I’d somehow hit hyperspace without realizing it.

Another awareness, of a little version of me, travelling in this Light, through my chakras, up and up and up.

And faster, and faster, and faster, so I could feel how dizzy my physical body was, like okay, can we slow down this ride already?

Until we stopped. And everything was still. And I could see the Light sparkling within the Light, everywhere, as far as I could see, in every direction. The entirety of the Universe, of all Universes, laughing in joy at my presence.

Like, you’ve finally come home, darling. Welcome!

And the Light let me off gently, and I intuitively knew I was in some realm of heaven I hadn’t visited before.

And “me” was human me, not future me, or ascended master me, or any me that had an idea of what was going on, but little human me.

Human me wasn’t scared anymore, human me was just going with it. Because fear does not exist in a space of Light! Ever!

Looking back on it it felt like I was simultaneously in a new-to-this-version of consciousness realm of heaven, AND my pineal gland, to that version of me arising through my chakras.

So I waited, in the Light, this sense of overwhelming joy, and anticipation, and a homecoming like nothing I’d experienced for eons.

And a Being emerged from the Light, AS the Light, and enveloped me.

And I was Home.

Taking all fear and worry and hamster-wheel thoughts. Knowing completely all the desires of my Heart, everything that had ever happened, everything that would ever happen. The entire journey of my Soul, throughout every dimension, every lifetime, every incarnation. Everything that existed in this moment of NOW.

And from this place, every dimension was a “lower” dimension.

The Light, the Beingness, enveloped everything in itself, so that all that was left of me was a glowing golden white awareness.

Presence. Of the Divine. As the Divine.

Unconditional Love. Love and Love and LOVE, unending, overflowing, sweet, perfect LOVE.

The Knowing that everything is Divine and Divinely Perfect, that everything occurred as it was meant to, that none of it could have been any different, and that it was all (all of it!) okay!

Here, in this Light, as this awareness, there are no mistakes. There are no missteps. There is no falling off the path, for we indeed ARE the path.

Everything is exactly as it is meant to be. In every single moment.

And it is the aligning with this knowing that eases the human suffering.

Surrendering, surrendering, surrendering. (Because how could I not?) This was everything my Heart, my Soul, all of me had ever wanted, only I didn’t know fully that it was there, that THIS was what was waiting for me at the end of the Light, in the Light.

The giving all of myself, all of my essence, all that exists of me over to this LOVE, this all encompassing, consuming, brilliant, gorgeous, blinding LOVE.

This Love merged with me, and I with it, and there were no more thoughts, there was no more observing or questioning or doubting. For there was nothing to doubt. There was only Home. There is only this Love, everpresent and everlasting.

Love and Love and LOVE.

That I AM, that we are, exactly where we’re supposed to be. That exactly what is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening. That I’m doing it all right, because there is no wrong, for me or anyone else. We are each doing exactly what is right for each of us, even if it does not resonate with another’s journey.

Our Souls are perfect and shining and glorious. We are Souls. We are Divine, and that includes every single part of us.

And yes, I know this. I knew this last week, I knew this a long time ago, but it wasn’t integrated into the conscious human mind. Into the personality. Like the Divine, there was still some aspect of it that was coming from “somewhere else”. Somewhere up there, somewhere out there, because that is how human perceived it. There was still some perceived separation. No longer.

A merging with, an enveloping and Loving of all aspects. Every perceived dark part of me brought into the Light, knowing themselves as the Light, loving them all for exactly who they are.

Everything is Light, and not just Light, but EVERYTHING is that golden white glowing Awareness of God, as God. The Divine that merged with me, and enveloped me, and loved me and loved me and loved me, until there was nothing left but LOVE.

Every cell of me, every atom, in every form that exists, enveloped in LOVE, as LOVE, and everything that wasn’t pure Light, and shining pure Light was cradled until it dissolved, until the Light shone through it too. Everything dissolved into the Light, pure remembrance of itself as the Light. Pure consciousness knowing itself, loving itself.

One and One and ONE.

One and Love and Home and Truth and Light are all the same word.

…I know I must have “come back” somewhen, because I’m writing this, but I have no idea how, because I haven’t left, not really. The Awareness of this, once remembered, has not left. Once remembered, it’s not leaving. This is the Infinite Shift. This Divine Light, this Light that I AM, this LOVE that I AM, this is everything, this is everywhere, this IS all there is.

It’s taken me a couple of days to realize this experience was the Antakarana being built, consciously. It’s probably going to take a minute for it all to align with the physical body. Aligning with this body, with this form. Fully. Home and Home and Home. Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Intelligence. She’s still going to take a couple of days to fully align with Gaia/New Earth too but this is BEAUTIFUL.

Personality and Soul merging, finally, into the great Central Sol of Source.

Breath of God, AS God.

Meeting God, as Light, as Love, and the true Home.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Love and Love and LOVE.

#IAMPresence #IAmHome #DivineMeeting #IAmTheLight #Antahkarana #LOVE #InfiniteGratitude #DimensionalAwesomeness #Heaven #SoulShare #AscensionMastery

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