The Soul’s Highest Potentials

Love and Love and Love and Love and Love!

The Light is flowing, bubbling up, cradling me from the inside out. I can feel how gloriously happy my Soul is, like a child. So glad to be here, so overflowing with joy to share everything coming through. Everything, every dimension, every galaxy, every universe inside my Soul, inside my body is singing. Loudly, joyfully. Creation songs, praise songs, songs of light and bliss and peace and HOME.

I called all my Soul aspects back this morning, into my Divine Heart, into the Truth of Creation. They’re so HAPPY! They were tired of being in other timelines and realities, and I don’t need them to be anymore. I AM choosing, as Creation, the highest realities of my Soul, as never before, that I AM now, and so it is. I AM the Light, the Light I AM.

Everything is glowing from the inside out. Illuminated. Electric. Lit with Source, as Source. Pathways and pathways and pathways of Light. (It’s only EVER Light, darlings!)

Wrapping everyone in the Blue-Green Flame of their Soul’s Highest Potentials, in this NOW.

Asked for assistance from Serapis Bey in his Ascension Temple at Luxor last night, and woke up glowing giggly and energized and overjoyed. Thank you, Brother.

There are crystals activating everywhere, and I’m writing this with my eyes closed while my vision upgrades through Lemuria.

Received an activation just now where I fell backwards into a pool of golden Light, that Light as myself, my Soul Essence, the Truth of my own Divinity, as energy, as liquid Grace. All is illuminated from within. No more lower forms exist; in this space, there is only LIGHT.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Ever more trust, ever more surrender, ever more Light expanding into and through and as the essence of my Being.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love youuuuuu!

Blessings of the Light to All!

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