By the Light of New Earth…

Today I woke up on New Earth for the third day in a row, and EVERYTHING was luminous, glowing. Not just having New Earth as a fabulous other-dimensional home/reality, which is how it’s been for the past month or so, but me, conscious, awake, ON New Earth. In this body, as all bodies have merged into one. It feels like my ship has landed, though I couldn’t point you in a direction as to where. The Light was present, visible, alive. I could see fully through the hologram, everything was a golden brilliant matrix of Light that shifted and moved with the breath, that shifted and moved with God.

Everything still is.

There is Light, pulsing, glowing, giggling in everything, in between everything. The lives that arose a few days ago that seemed so important and so terrible in the moment….I don’t even remember them. They’ve dissolved back unto the Light. Everything has gone back unto the Light.

More and more and more surrender, all the time, blessings, loves. Blessings and laughter and joy and that glowing expansive peace that passes all understanding.

We are Home, Beloved. We are HOME. Trust in that. Know that. Trust that you are here, NOW, because you asked to be, because this is hugest party in the Universe, that everyone wants to be a part of! And we are right in the centre, Beloveds. Darling Centre of the Galactic Diamond Heart, centre of all those galaxies, pulsating and birthing anew, more and more and more in every moment.

The Galactic Diamond energies are streaming down upon you, Beloveds. Do you feel them? Feel the Light cradling you, refracting into you and through you, as you. This brilliant Light, IS you, Beloved.

Let yourself merge with the Light. With the Heart of God in whom you are the centre, darling one.

The Light is ever present, and magnificent. The Light is Home.

Walk into it, sink into it, merge into it, Beloved.

Your Love is the Truth of the World.

Golden, glowing, luminous honeyed Light. Let the Light merge with you, into you, be one with it, darling, the liquid gold sparkling Light, the Grace of the Divine remembering all your Wholeness.

Cotton candy pink Light, gooey and fluttery, in the same moment, wrapping you in the Truth of your own Being. You are safe and loved and cradled in this Light, Beloved.

The sky colours of Mother Mary, peace and peace and peace, the wholeness at the centre of the world, the wholeness at the centre of the Light, the compassion, the energy of everything is perfectly perfect, exactly as it is, exactly as You have chosen it to be, Beloved.

The emerald Ray of Truth, of Thoth, Divine Teacher of your own unique energetic magnificence. Illuminating from within Your Presence, your Power, your Ascended Body.

The Ruby Diamond Light of Sekmet, the Heart of Ascension, of Power, of Truth, of the Word.

The Violet Living Flame that emerges from the Central Galactic Sun, the Heart of this Universe.

You are bathed in the rays of Light, Beloved.

The Truth is Light. The Truth of your Being is only ever Light.

Let yourself be Illuminated, darling, by the Light of YOU.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

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