Joy, Dreams, and Your Holy Self

JOY, Beloved!

That joy, that gorgeous dream of your Divine Heart, flowering within you, Beautiful, know it, believe it, trust it.

Know that it is true.

Know that you would not have the dream in your heart if it could not come true.

Know that the realization of your dream is why you are here, why you have come, again and again and again, to be love, to be the love, to be the Beloved that all seek but never find.

You are the holy breath of God, you are the Divinity in the space of every moment.

You, all that you are, is all that you have ever desired, all that you could have ever wanted.

To know yourself as the Divine.

To know yourself as God.

To know that you are perfectly safe, to know that you are perfectly protected, to know that you are loved and cradled (all of you) in every single moment of your existence.

To know that all your dreams, all that you have ever wanted to come true, are coming true!

In your glowing gorgeous heart is the truth of your existence, the truth of your power, the truth of the Light that you are, and that you have always been.

Find that Truth, find that Light, find that glorious glowing home inside of you, that Love inside of you, that Truth that lights you up from within, and let that flow outward, from your heart, through your beautiful form, into the rest of your world.

Yes indeed Beloved, we say your world, for you are each your own Universe, are you not?

Each creation of yours is magnificent, each co-creation with your own Divinity is why you are here, to bring into form something which only you can birth.

That gorgeous beauty flowering in your mind’s eye, in your heart, that dream, beautiful one, what is it?

What is it indeed, Beloved, that you have wanted to create? That you have longed for, that you have hungered for, the dream, thinking for so long that it is outside of you. Thinking that somewhere there is lack, and that is not time for your dream to come true. We say unto you, that is a misperception.

If it is in your heart, it is true.

If it is in your heart, it already exists.

You simply need to match your energetic frequency with the space of existence, with the dimension, with the plane where it exists, where it exists already, where it has always existed.

You cannot have abundance while carrying lack in your body. You cannot have love while carrying hate.

You cannot have peace while your mind is in conflict.

You are to be, now, Beloved, what you wish to experience.

Breathe it in, be in, feel it, laugh in joy at its presence, know what the energy of it feels like through your body, and when you hold that energy of what you desire consistently, when your focus is there, in Light, more and more and more, then what you desire can be yours fully from within.

When you hold higher and higher frequencies of Light, when you let the Light in, Divine One, then the expansion for yourself that you have sought in the doing, in the filling of your reality with objects and things and experiences, will come through your very being.

There is only Light, Beloved. There has only ever been Light. Trust in that Light. Know yourself as that Light, know all of you as that Light! And the parts of you that you have judged and suppressed, and the parts of you that you and others have rejected, all those parts simply do not know that they are the Light too. Dearest one, they simply do not know that they are the Light!

Your sadness is LIGHT. Your anger is LIGHT. Your rage is LIGHT. Your fear is LIGHT. Your pain is LIGHT.

You learned, in your human form, to turn your face away from the sun, from the Light, from the Love in your Heart, in fear of your “True Nature” being revealed. Darling One, Your True Nature has only ever been Light!

There is nothing ugly in you. There is nothing dark in you. There is nothing that is not loved, there is nothing that is not loveable. There never has been. You have NEVER done anything wrong. All was forgiven before it ever occurred, do you see?

You learned to turn away from that which you perceived to be ugly or misshapen or unnatural. Nothing, darling heart, is unnatural.Nothing is ugly or wrong or a mistake. All is Divine, all is God, all is glorious!

You are here to BE the Light, Beloved One.

The time is NOW for you to return to the Light that you are. Turn your face into the Sun, beautiful loves. Your Sun is only an outward mirror of your Heart. Let the Light that you are, whether “inside” or “outside” of you, (it does not matter, for as we are, they both are the same), let the Light illuminate your dark parts, beam upon the preciousness of your perceived wounds, know them all as conscious, as the Divine that they are, so that they can return to the Light, as the Light, and be reunited with the Source of their/your Being.

You are ONE, Beloved. You are ONE with All-That-Is. With every sadness, and sorrow, with every pain and shame and rage, with every fear, you are one WITH.

And each of these must move, Beloved, each must move through you, for as they move through they are embraced, and as they are embraced, they can return to their Holy Source.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Light of the Divine One.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Truth of the Name.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Source of the Divine Light.

YOU are that Light, Beloved.

Look and see. Look and SEE! Look and see and know yourself as God.

The Divine has always seen you, all of you, as perfect, as wondrous, exactly as you are. For indeed, if you were meant to be different, you would be, darling heart. Each of you is glorious, a magnificent creation of Yourselves. Each of you is Home, right now, in the Light, in the Truth of You.

That Home is unconditional Love, that Home is overflowing abundance and unlimited joy, expansive freedom and a glowing limitless nature.

The Source of your Being is Light, it is space, it is expansiveness. Feel that Light, Beautiful One. It’s time to come Home to your glorious Self.

And I AM the One here, hugging you, embracing you, welcoming you Home.

You are Loved. You Are Loved. You Are Loved.

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