Happy Solstice, Blessed Full Moon, and YAY! to the 3rd Wave of Ascension!

Hello beautiful loves!

Happy Ascension Day, Blessed Solstice, and a beaming Full Moon to you!

Today is ALL THE THINGS, and I love love love you so much!

Our planet is Ascending, beautiful ones, and we are Ascending right along with her!

The Light is right here, right now, glorious, wrapping around us and through us and awakening everything. We are being bathed in the Highest Light, more Light than has ever existed on this planet, dear ones. The Light is illuminating EVERYTHING.

We are all Sleeping Beauty waking from the dream, darlings. YAY! *Infinite Dance Party*

Today is TRUST.


Today is letting all the Light in, so that you can BE the Light.

Today is surrendering to your Holy Self, your Highest Self, darling.

Today is knowing what it feels like to be bathed in the pure frequencies of unconditional love.

Today is letting any perceived darkness in you be lifted to the Light, sweetheart.

Today is letting the Light vibrate out of you, so fully that you illuminate the world.

We cannot go forward into the Higher Realms, we cannot access the Higher Realms of New Earth vibrationally if we are still carrying old energies, third-dimensional energies, dear ones. NOW is the time to surrender them all and let yourself be who you ARE, let your Soul move through you, and claim the Divinity that has always resided within.

You’ve Ascended before, we’ve all Ascended before, but this time, dearest loves, we get to integrate ALL of ourselves together, every lifetime of our Soul’s experience, every limitless dimension, every glowing plane of existence….they all exist inside inside us. They’re not “out there” somewhere, lovelies, they’ve been all right inside us all along, waiting for us to love them.

The way of Ascension is LOVE! Unconditional, shining, constant, amazing love, love for all of you, love that cradles all your parts equally and holds them up to the Light of Being of your own Divine Presence until they know all of themselves as perfect space and perfect consciousness.

Every part of you is CONSCIOUS, Beloved! Every part of you is DIVINE, right now. Not in the future, not in some distant past, RIGHT. NOW.

Honour each piece of you as the Whole, as the Divine that it is, and that is always has been. Choose the Awareness NOW that all that you are is Divine, as glowing and brilliant and beautiful, shining and strong and utterly fabulous!

Let yourself be illuminated, darling, for the brilliance that you are. (You’re so freaking sparkly, I love it! I love your shining self! SHINE, darling stars!)

Every single moment of NOW is right here to be loved, to expand into love, for you to merge with the lusciousness of life, the overflowing shakti that wants to bring you more than you have ever dreamed possible, more fabulousness than you can even dream of, right now!

I want you all to know yourselves as the love that you are, right NOW, in every single moment.

I want you to have all the freaking amazing experiences you want to have!

I want you to know what it’s like in every fibre of your being to love yourself, completely and totally, to know yourself as the Divine.

I want you to know what it’s like to have completely aligned and balanced chakras all the time, so that you don’t have to think about them, they’re just LIGHT, gorgeous vortices of Light, illuminating all that you are and all that you meet.

I want you to REMEMBER and integrate all your lives.

I want you to remember what it’s like to be in Heaven, to have your guides and beloveds and know that they are simply future versions of you.

I want all the separation to dissolve so you can see the truth, your truth, that you’ve never been alone, that you’ve always been surrounded by glowing unconditional love.

We’re on the planet that everyone else in the Universe is envious of, darlings. Everyone is watching us, loving us, supporting us, and we are the ones “down here” because we chose to be. Because we’re that awesome, because we’re that hardcore. We chose to go as deep into 3D as we could, and completely forget who we were, who we ARE, so we could emerge now, lovelies. We’re emerging NOW. The planet is waking up into her true magnificence, and so are you!

I want you to know that every single part of you is loved.

I want you to know all of your selves, your multidimensional, Galactic, Angelic, Ascended, Higher Self selves. I want you to be able to live through your Ascended Heart, AS your Ascended Heart, as your Higher Self in every moment.

May all your Holy Selves merge into the Divine Being that You Are, NOW.

Ascension is not an escape. We’re not here to leave behind anything or anyone except all that no longer serves us. We aren’t going anywhere else, we’re ascending again to hold, to be the frequencies of our true selves, to embody the Light that we have always been. The deeper we go inside ourselves, the more we love all that we find, the higher we rise in frequency, and the more we remember our home on New Earth, and our Lightbodies in every breath.

Your Holy You is seeing through every illusion of lower vibrational realities, and witnessing the Love that exists in every moment of now.

Ascension is everything is going on in front of your eyes, and you are ONE with it, no resistance to what is happening, because you have chosen all of it, dearest. Your Soul chose every single moment for you to experience, for you to expand into the fullness of your true Divine Self. You have merged with the God in everything, you are the Source of your reality, and you see the Divinity overflowing, giggling with delight through all things you can see and hear and feel and experience.

There is nothing to do, dear ones, for all Creation comes from a perfect state of being, where all emotions and all thoughts move through you, you are the holy vessel and you are the space of the Divine, you are the space of the cosmos, holding the emotion, cradling it like a lover, and letting the thought (simply a shift in consciousness!) pass through the space that you are.

Acknowledging each energy as conscious Source, and letting them go, letting yourself be filled with YOU, all of you, finally, for there is no part of you that is not God!

You are the object of joy, you are in joy, and you are enjoyment itself! The Universe is a tiny dot inside the vastness, the infinite nature of your true Ascended Heart.

You don’t feel bliss, you ARE bliss, you grow and expand and merge with the bliss that you have always been.

We ARE the Ocean of Love, we ARE the Divine Instrument, our Will and Divine Will are one and the same.

Fill yourself with your Divine Essence, with the Oneness of your Being, let all of your Selves merge together in love and singing joy to all creation!

This, this Love, this overflowing, ever abundant, ever increasing, Love, this is the fullness of your Higher Self. Let that Love for all that you are, right now, all that you have ever been, let that Divinity flow through you, as you, let that Higher Self BE your Body, Be your Mind, Be at One with your shining Heart, right NOW.

You are blessed, you are blessed, you are blessed.
May you know yourself, today, as all days, as holy.

May you receive all the Light that is here, may you see through the veils unto the Truth of the World, the Truth of Yourself as the Divinity that you are.
May all your cells receive the Light, and fully be illuminated, so that your Lightbody is a thought away.

May you fully See, Beloveds. The Truth of your own nature, and indeed, the ships bathing this planet in Light, the angels directing Light to you with their wings, this glowing, pulsing, dreamy liquid Light. The air has turned liquid, Beloveds! This glorious soup of Creation, sparkly, sunshiney, laughing Creation. We are all entering the flow now, of the Light. Let her expand you from the inside out, so that you encompass all the Universes in your Heart.

Love, and love, and ever more love, beautiful ones.

Thank you for your Presence, thank you for your commitment, thank you for never truly forgetting. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I am so excited to see the joy this summer is bringing  (here’s a glimpse!)  https://www.facebook.com/events/1044202568949002/dd and Infinite HUGS to each of you, right now.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Relax into the Light, darlings. Welcome Home.

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