So I met God the other day….

What Would You Say, to Me, Lord, If We Both Met Face to Face?  -Hawksley Workman

I woke up with this line on repeat in my head this morning. Here’s the only version that exists on YouTube (and a fabulous version indeed!)

…So I met God the other day.

It was one of those this is EPIC and it’s gonna change how you see your life and the world and change everything about your life moments. Only I didn’t remember all of it until this morning.

The intensity of the energy, the visions, the Light has been so much that my conscious mind, and memory completely blanks out. And I come out of the groggy state (there’s usually drool involved, and contorted bodily positions) with an awareness of SOMETHING AWESOME JUST HAPPENED….but I don’t know what.

So it took a couple of days. And the awareness, right now, as I’m writing this, is that I’m completely back in the experience. Like I needed the vibrational upgrades of the past few days to be able to access the memory (which is right now)! I suspect that’s true for all memory access. It feels true.

There was this gorgeous portal of Light, this shower of golden white Light that opened up in my energy field, not pouring down upon me, but next to me, this Light flowing, unending into infinity.

It just hung out in my field, on my right side, for hours.

And I was all, oh HAI, Light, what do you want?

And the Light wanted me to jump in Her (there’s no gender to the Light, it just feels like a her right now!)

And I received an image of myself on a cliff, and the sense of jumping off the cliff, and falling into the Light, to some part of me was terrifying.

This Light was neverending. I knew that in my bones. What if, said the scared parts, what if I was falling forever?

I fought with the fear and the pull to be drawn into the waterfall of Light for most of the afternoon and evening,(and ever gratefully, the Light wasn’t pushy, She was just hanging out in my energy field, going, “Ready yet?”


“Are you ready to surrender now?”


“…How about now?”

…and I kinda forgot about her, until finally the -feeling-like you’ve-been-hit-by-a-truck-of tired- came “out of nowhere”. Such is the calling I experience for trance, for intentional dimensional hopping. The Universe going “HEY! You have work to do right now!”

So I followed the pull, I finally surrendered to it, I let myself be drawn into the Light.

To stand on the edge of the cliff and not being able to see any end.

Just Light.

A knowing in every part of me that there was no going back, there was no coming back from this.

This was forever changing me, changing EVERYTHING.

It was actually bringing me back home, bringing me back into more of myself. That’s all it’s ever doing. That’s all life is ever doing! But in the moment of the fear, all I could think was “ Is this it? Is this step on the Ascension ladder the one I don’t come back from?

And the longer I stood on the edge of the vision cliff, the the more freaked out I became. And then freaked out morphed into excitement. Like, I didn’t know what was next, I had no idea…but this was LIGHT! There was no other option, there was nothing here but my highest evolution…

So I jumped.


The Light was cradling me, holding me, loving me. She wasn’t rushing downwards at all, it only seemed that way from the human perspective. She was alive, and dynamic, and glowing, lit from within, and sparkling. Every atom of her was moving, shifting, vibrating, sparking in and out of existence (and there was no difference between whether they existed or not, they all came from the same Source, there was no difference between death and life of these sparks).

I bounced into the Light, and I started floating UP.

The Light checked in with me, like, is this okay? And I was so relieved and grateful not to be falling I was just like “sure!”

So I was lifted up and up and UP, through all this Light, faster and faster and faster. And I could see at the edges of the Light, through the Light (everything was Light, but the quality of the Light, of the stream I was in, and everything else, had shifted), we were passing dimensions, faster and faster and faster. Like I’d somehow hit hyperspace without realizing it.

Another awareness, of a little version of me, travelling in this Light, through my chakras, up and up and up.

And faster, and faster, and faster, so I could feel how dizzy my physical body was, like okay, can we slow down this ride already?

Until we stopped. And everything was still. And I could see the Light sparkling within the Light, everywhere, as far as I could see, in every direction. The entirety of the Universe, of all Universes, laughing in joy at my presence.

Like, you’ve finally come home, darling. Welcome!

And the Light let me off gently, and I intuitively knew I was in some realm of heaven I hadn’t visited before.

And “me” was human me, not future me, or ascended master me, or any me that had an idea of what was going on, but little human me.

Human me wasn’t scared anymore, human me was just going with it. Because fear does not exist in a space of Light! Ever!

Looking back on it it felt like I was simultaneously in a new-to-this-version of consciousness realm of heaven, AND my pineal gland, to that version of me arising through my chakras.

So I waited, in the Light, this sense of overwhelming joy, and anticipation, and a homecoming like nothing I’d experienced for eons.

And a Being emerged from the Light, AS the Light, and enveloped me.

And I was Home.

Taking all fear and worry and hamster-wheel thoughts. Knowing completely all the desires of my Heart, everything that had ever happened, everything that would ever happen. The entire journey of my Soul, throughout every dimension, every lifetime, every incarnation. Everything that existed in this moment of NOW.

And from this place, every dimension was a “lower” dimension.

The Light, the Beingness, enveloped everything in itself, so that all that was left of me was a glowing golden white awareness.

Presence. Of the Divine. As the Divine.

Unconditional Love. Love and Love and LOVE, unending, overflowing, sweet, perfect LOVE.

The Knowing that everything is Divine and Divinely Perfect, that everything occurred as it was meant to, that none of it could have been any different, and that it was all (all of it!) okay!

Here, in this Light, as this awareness, there are no mistakes. There are no missteps. There is no falling off the path, for we indeed ARE the path.

Everything is exactly as it is meant to be. In every single moment.

And it is the aligning with this knowing that eases the human suffering.

Surrendering, surrendering, surrendering. (Because how could I not?) This was everything my Heart, my Soul, all of me had ever wanted, only I didn’t know fully that it was there, that THIS was what was waiting for me at the end of the Light, in the Light.

The giving all of myself, all of my essence, all that exists of me over to this LOVE, this all encompassing, consuming, brilliant, gorgeous, blinding LOVE.

This Love merged with me, and I with it, and there were no more thoughts, there was no more observing or questioning or doubting. For there was nothing to doubt. There was only Home. There is only this Love, everpresent and everlasting.

Love and Love and LOVE.

That I AM, that we are, exactly where we’re supposed to be. That exactly what is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening. That I’m doing it all right, because there is no wrong, for me or anyone else. We are each doing exactly what is right for each of us, even if it does not resonate with another’s journey.

Our Souls are perfect and shining and glorious. We are Souls. We are Divine, and that includes every single part of us.

And yes, I know this. I knew this last week, I knew this a long time ago, but it wasn’t integrated into the conscious human mind. Into the personality. Like the Divine, there was still some aspect of it that was coming from “somewhere else”. Somewhere up there, somewhere out there, because that is how human perceived it. There was still some perceived separation. No longer.

A merging with, an enveloping and Loving of all aspects. Every perceived dark part of me brought into the Light, knowing themselves as the Light, loving them all for exactly who they are.

Everything is Light, and not just Light, but EVERYTHING is that golden white glowing Awareness of God, as God. The Divine that merged with me, and enveloped me, and loved me and loved me and loved me, until there was nothing left but LOVE.

Every cell of me, every atom, in every form that exists, enveloped in LOVE, as LOVE, and everything that wasn’t pure Light, and shining pure Light was cradled until it dissolved, until the Light shone through it too. Everything dissolved into the Light, pure remembrance of itself as the Light. Pure consciousness knowing itself, loving itself.

One and One and ONE.

One and Love and Home and Truth and Light are all the same word.

…I know I must have “come back” somewhen, because I’m writing this, but I have no idea how, because I haven’t left, not really. The Awareness of this, once remembered, has not left. Once remembered, it’s not leaving. This is the Infinite Shift. This Divine Light, this Light that I AM, this LOVE that I AM, this is everything, this is everywhere, this IS all there is.

It’s taken me a couple of days to realize this experience was the Antakarana being built, consciously. It’s probably going to take a minute for it all to align with the physical body. Aligning with this body, with this form. Fully. Home and Home and Home. Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Intelligence. She’s still going to take a couple of days to fully align with Gaia/New Earth too but this is BEAUTIFUL.

Personality and Soul merging, finally, into the great Central Sol of Source.

Breath of God, AS God.

Meeting God, as Light, as Love, and the true Home.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Love and Love and LOVE.

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The Accelerated Path

I took a nap today, guys.

I took a nap, and I didn’t even feel guilty after the first 5 minutes!

Human me has spent a fair bit of time self-flagellating over getting drawn to trance. If I’m listening to a track, a meditation, a call, I’m fine. If I’m actually just tired and need to sleep, human self is cool with that, after a bit of grumbling.

But taking a nap, just because? Even though it is being drawn to trance and receive and integrate, human still wants to judge and put up a fight.

There are all these old programs still running in my subconscious, that I need to be “productive”, that I need to get a certain amount of things done in a day, and then I can have a nap.

And naps, somehow, are only “allowed” when it’s raining or snowing or when the weather is horrid. If it’s nice, you “should be” outside in it.

Because, says human mind, if I’m not “working”, if I’m not bringing in money/a paycheque, if I’m not contributing in a way that the mind thinks is worthy, then at least I’m out in the Sun, raising my vibration.

(If I Ascend, I’m good enough, right? Finally? Says the human, says the spiritual ego, says the small parts) If I take in enough Light, then it won’t hurt so much to be here, right? And all of that is true, on one level of existence. The higher the vibration is raised, the higher the ascension into all the realms of Love, the less pain as an immutable thing. The more you feel, the less it hurts….eventually.

The Heart that is already Ascended laughs, and says oh darling! The concept of “good enough” does not exist in the realms of Truth, for there is an implied concept of less than, as if something in you, as if you yourself could be ever anything less than God!

…At least I’m out in the Sun, burning away everything that feels yucky, says smallness (as if the yucky isn’t divine too!). Or listening to a meditation, or journaling, or doing all the things that keep me consistently “up”. If my vibration is high, then I won’t empath everything unconsciously, then I can be in those gorgeous states of joy and expansion, and the spaces where my Soul can just sing.

For a long time, there was this in-between place, of super high frequencies, and then getting knocked down to the dense of the dense. No longer!

—There is peace, flowing from within. Forever.

The Light of the Great Central Sun, the Galactic Sun of God at the centre of the Diamond Heart of these glorious galaxies is within you! NOW. All of you! Breathe in and find that Light, and know the holy truth of your Being.

These states of beauty and joy ARE the natural state, Beloveds. The more you allow yourself to be in them, the more they increase, the more the human (all the scared, sad, angry parts!) dissolve back into the Light.—-

I was beating myself up SO MUCH, for not, seriously, seriously not being able to “function”, to get a “regular job”, to support myself the way a “regular human” would.

The thing small parts kept forgetting was, I’m NOT a regular human! I haven’t been one for a very long time, if ever. And even then, it only felt like I was playing one. Like how human teenage me used to “play at” being a girl, and always seemed to fall short, to not match up with the other girls. Like I’m a star in a human costume. Some galactic star being in disguise.

I forgot I was never meant to fit in. Fitting in means death of creativity, means death of the Soul. Fitting in means making myself small, smaller than all that I AM.

Ascension, Beloveds. We can never go back to small.

Human skin didn’t fit anymore, hadn’t fit for a long long, long time, but I was still trying to make it fit.  I was so empathic that I was picking up absolutely everything from my environment, from all the people around me, and in a constant state of anxiety/ paralyzing depression, constant nervousness, and discomfort in my own created skin that felt too small.

That darling tribe mentality, of fit in or die, conform or you don’t eat, agree or your line dies, all of this was about survival, ancient and primal and it felt huge and terrifying and overwhelming.

All the memories unless I specifically need them in a moment have gone back to the Akashic Records, in storage, and it’s a beautiful thing.

So I don’t remember any specific instances, just low level dread and terror and hating life, and hating the body I was in, and not understanding why the people around me seemed to “get it”, when I felt so lost. Like they could get jobs and feed themselves and be human, and I didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to function in the world, because the world was too scary, too overwhelming. Too loud and too chaotic, and filled with so much pain. How could people be out in it? How could they function?

…And then I realized not everyone else felt this way. Or this deeply. Or sometimes at all. Like they were just shut off(because they were. Because you can’t do survival AND be EVERYTHING you’ve come here to be).

But for many years of my life, I thought everyone was just being mean about their energetics. (Can’t you feel that? Can’t you hear the pain in your voice? Don’t you know you’re lying to yourself? Can’t you see how bad he is for you, or how that job is not going to turn out well? Can’t you see? Don’t you feel how awful this feels?)

Everyone was always projecting so much pain, because we don’t know how to handle it. It’s not our natural state, so we push it away, we suppress it, because it hurts, until it gets unbearable, and then we shrink or lash out in cycles.

I ended up unconsiously taking on all of it. It felt personal. Like everyone’s energetics, vibrational state, mood, and experiences (and how they interpreted those experiences) were mine. My responsibility, because I could see, and they couldn’t. Like I was supposed to do something about it, even if I didn’t entirely remember what.

I thought as a little kid, everyone’s energy was somehow my responsibility, and my fault, when they weren’t in a complete love and light space (which let’s face it, was almost all of the time). I thought as a child I had done something wrong, that their anger, or their fear, or their sadness, or their discomfort was my fault. Every time someone raised their voice to me, the tone of the vibration literally felt like I was being stabbed, repeatedly, in the stomach.

Because I COULD See, because I could feel, because I was the witness, I somehow thought it was my mission, to take care of everyone else. Not in a feed you, shelter you kind of way, like their survival was their business, but their energy, somehow, in a warped way, was mine.

I put everyone else’s needs before my own. I felt like I couldn’t have needs because other people’s needs, crises, stuff, trumped mine every time. I could always feel how much pain they were in, and it was so much more than anything I’d allowed myself to feel.  They weren’t aware of their pain, not like I was, so I just…took it for them, or as much of it as I could.

I was sick all the time as a child. All the time. A few close calls with death as a kid. Allergic to everything, anaphylactic shock, medications and surgeries and homeopathy. A heart attack. (Shamanic initiation if I’ve ever heard one, right?) The Universe with a giant sparkly 2 x 4 telling me to stop living for everyone else, and start living for myself.

I didn’t know, that was the thing, who I was. I spent most of my life outside of my body. Being in my body meant pain, meant discomfort, meant hives and having to really truly pay attention to what I was feeling, which was everyone else’s stuff. And no one else was like me, no one else knew what I was. And I didn’t know how to deal with my own stuff, let alone everyone else’s. I didn’t even know what was my stuff, after a while.

Seeing it now, that I was entirely being a Being, a LightBeing, a Being of energy, freaking out against the conformity of pain and disease and sadness and discomfort and everything I found in everyone around me. I rejected it and rejected it and rejected it, hence the hives, until I couldn’t anymore.

The people in my life didn’t see me, couldn’t see me, because they couldn’t see themselves. All love felt conditional, all Light was inside me that wanted to express was “too much”, for everyone else. Human learned that pain was the order of the day, that that suffering was just what was done here, that Light as anything other than an abstract concept wasn’t allowed, after a certain point. You can be this creative, you can be this expressive, you can be this and this and this. As long as you cram yourself into these tiny little boxes you’re okay.

My entire life, there have only been a handful of folk who saw as much, who felt as much, who felt as deeply. I made sure to fit my created self into everyone else’s boxes by constricting and constricting and constricting. Making myself smaller and smaller and smaller (how small can I get and still exist?), making sure everyone else just saw someone else with pain(because you can’t be too happy!), in pain, and I held it, and I held it, and I held it, until I took it personally, until it became my pain. Until I was hurting just as much as them, and I thought it was mine. I thought it belonged to me. And no one told me different, because they all thought the same way too. I had conformed without realizing it. I forgot who I was, as much as possible, for a while there.

The entirety of my teenage years, I was in survival mode. I wasn’t in my body, the body meant pain, even if I had blocked out specific things, the cells remembered, and wanted no part of my presence. Presence meant I would remember, and I couldn’t do that, at all costs. All the pain would come rushing back that I had buried. And I was quite sure, until I medically transitioned ( top surgery and testosterone) that I would drown in it.

The hormones provided me with clarity and space, and after top surgery, I could BE, fully in my body. I remember taking my first few breaths after surgery and just sobbing, because finally, finally there wasn’t this thousand pound weight on my chest, finally I could breathe.

Once I could breathe, then it was like the Universe/my Soul cranked up the urgency, the drive, the vibrational work a thousand times, once pure survival was out of the way, once I was actually in my body, and I could REMEMBER everything, all the memories in the cells, all the past and present and future and parallel lives, all the pain and all the joy, all the dimensions and all the angels and guides and heavens, it was, over and over and over, You HAVE TO ASCEND. RIGHT NOW. AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

I needed to go through everything I needed to go through, I did, but it was quite the journey. I definitely asked myself more than once, why did I make it quite this hardcore?

I needed to remember every past life, I needed to flit through all the dimensions, I needed to birth stars and galaxies, dragons and wolf pups and live all the multidimensional realities I could. I needed to feel EVERYTHING.

The thing was, I became so focused on raising my vibration, I kinda forgot to live life. “Life” for so long, had felt too hard, too scary, so I just…didn’t. Human me was operating under the assumption that once I Ascended, once the core frequency was at awesome and only ever side tripped into amazing, that I’d be able to go out in the world and live….and that I couldn’t do that before I remembered everything.

But the grand shift, that gorgeous third wave of Ascension the other day, and everything the past couple of months has brought, helped human me wake up to the fact that there can be no more hiding. That yes, I’m “weird” according to the humans. Yes, I’ve had some pretty “crazy” experiences, but I can no longer hide….because all of YOU are waking up too! And you’re going to be having awesome fantastic really weird things of your own, and I’m here to guide and help move you through everything that feels scary and strange to all your human parts.

I’m remembering, and remembering, and remembering, more all the time, and it’s beautiful. I can remember, and I can live. The two aren’t mutually exclusive anymore.

It feels like all the “hard stuff” is over, like we’ve finally made it, like all the pushing and pushing and pushing, all of the personal ascension stuff (yes, it’s still occurring, but it doesn’t have any of that life-or-death feeling anymore) is finished.

We’ve Ascended, darlings, even if the majority hasn’t caught up yet, to the frequencies, we’ve done it. Like we’ve caught up/are catching up to Gaia and her Ascension, and the truth of the amazing future is right NOW!

Right NOW. Right HERE. In this breath, in this moment, relax and love and love and love.

Love and Love and LOVE, Beloveds!

I love youuuuuu!

The Soul’s Highest Potentials

Love and Love and Love and Love and Love!

The Light is flowing, bubbling up, cradling me from the inside out. I can feel how gloriously happy my Soul is, like a child. So glad to be here, so overflowing with joy to share everything coming through. Everything, every dimension, every galaxy, every universe inside my Soul, inside my body is singing. Loudly, joyfully. Creation songs, praise songs, songs of light and bliss and peace and HOME.

I called all my Soul aspects back this morning, into my Divine Heart, into the Truth of Creation. They’re so HAPPY! They were tired of being in other timelines and realities, and I don’t need them to be anymore. I AM choosing, as Creation, the highest realities of my Soul, as never before, that I AM now, and so it is. I AM the Light, the Light I AM.

Everything is glowing from the inside out. Illuminated. Electric. Lit with Source, as Source. Pathways and pathways and pathways of Light. (It’s only EVER Light, darlings!)

Wrapping everyone in the Blue-Green Flame of their Soul’s Highest Potentials, in this NOW.

Asked for assistance from Serapis Bey in his Ascension Temple at Luxor last night, and woke up glowing giggly and energized and overjoyed. Thank you, Brother.

There are crystals activating everywhere, and I’m writing this with my eyes closed while my vision upgrades through Lemuria.

Received an activation just now where I fell backwards into a pool of golden Light, that Light as myself, my Soul Essence, the Truth of my own Divinity, as energy, as liquid Grace. All is illuminated from within. No more lower forms exist; in this space, there is only LIGHT.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Ever more trust, ever more surrender, ever more Light expanding into and through and as the essence of my Being.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love youuuuuu!

Blessings of the Light to All!

By the Light of New Earth…

Today I woke up on New Earth for the third day in a row, and EVERYTHING was luminous, glowing. Not just having New Earth as a fabulous other-dimensional home/reality, which is how it’s been for the past month or so, but me, conscious, awake, ON New Earth. In this body, as all bodies have merged into one. It feels like my ship has landed, though I couldn’t point you in a direction as to where. The Light was present, visible, alive. I could see fully through the hologram, everything was a golden brilliant matrix of Light that shifted and moved with the breath, that shifted and moved with God.

Everything still is.

There is Light, pulsing, glowing, giggling in everything, in between everything. The lives that arose a few days ago that seemed so important and so terrible in the moment….I don’t even remember them. They’ve dissolved back unto the Light. Everything has gone back unto the Light.

More and more and more surrender, all the time, blessings, loves. Blessings and laughter and joy and that glowing expansive peace that passes all understanding.

We are Home, Beloved. We are HOME. Trust in that. Know that. Trust that you are here, NOW, because you asked to be, because this is hugest party in the Universe, that everyone wants to be a part of! And we are right in the centre, Beloveds. Darling Centre of the Galactic Diamond Heart, centre of all those galaxies, pulsating and birthing anew, more and more and more in every moment.

The Galactic Diamond energies are streaming down upon you, Beloveds. Do you feel them? Feel the Light cradling you, refracting into you and through you, as you. This brilliant Light, IS you, Beloved.

Let yourself merge with the Light. With the Heart of God in whom you are the centre, darling one.

The Light is ever present, and magnificent. The Light is Home.

Walk into it, sink into it, merge into it, Beloved.

Your Love is the Truth of the World.

Golden, glowing, luminous honeyed Light. Let the Light merge with you, into you, be one with it, darling, the liquid gold sparkling Light, the Grace of the Divine remembering all your Wholeness.

Cotton candy pink Light, gooey and fluttery, in the same moment, wrapping you in the Truth of your own Being. You are safe and loved and cradled in this Light, Beloved.

The sky colours of Mother Mary, peace and peace and peace, the wholeness at the centre of the world, the wholeness at the centre of the Light, the compassion, the energy of everything is perfectly perfect, exactly as it is, exactly as You have chosen it to be, Beloved.

The emerald Ray of Truth, of Thoth, Divine Teacher of your own unique energetic magnificence. Illuminating from within Your Presence, your Power, your Ascended Body.

The Ruby Diamond Light of Sekmet, the Heart of Ascension, of Power, of Truth, of the Word.

The Violet Living Flame that emerges from the Central Galactic Sun, the Heart of this Universe.

You are bathed in the rays of Light, Beloved.

The Truth is Light. The Truth of your Being is only ever Light.

Let yourself be Illuminated, darling, by the Light of YOU.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Joy, Dreams, and Your Holy Self

JOY, Beloved!

That joy, that gorgeous dream of your Divine Heart, flowering within you, Beautiful, know it, believe it, trust it.

Know that it is true.

Know that you would not have the dream in your heart if it could not come true.

Know that the realization of your dream is why you are here, why you have come, again and again and again, to be love, to be the love, to be the Beloved that all seek but never find.

You are the holy breath of God, you are the Divinity in the space of every moment.

You, all that you are, is all that you have ever desired, all that you could have ever wanted.

To know yourself as the Divine.

To know yourself as God.

To know that you are perfectly safe, to know that you are perfectly protected, to know that you are loved and cradled (all of you) in every single moment of your existence.

To know that all your dreams, all that you have ever wanted to come true, are coming true!

In your glowing gorgeous heart is the truth of your existence, the truth of your power, the truth of the Light that you are, and that you have always been.

Find that Truth, find that Light, find that glorious glowing home inside of you, that Love inside of you, that Truth that lights you up from within, and let that flow outward, from your heart, through your beautiful form, into the rest of your world.

Yes indeed Beloved, we say your world, for you are each your own Universe, are you not?

Each creation of yours is magnificent, each co-creation with your own Divinity is why you are here, to bring into form something which only you can birth.

That gorgeous beauty flowering in your mind’s eye, in your heart, that dream, beautiful one, what is it?

What is it indeed, Beloved, that you have wanted to create? That you have longed for, that you have hungered for, the dream, thinking for so long that it is outside of you. Thinking that somewhere there is lack, and that is not time for your dream to come true. We say unto you, that is a misperception.

If it is in your heart, it is true.

If it is in your heart, it already exists.

You simply need to match your energetic frequency with the space of existence, with the dimension, with the plane where it exists, where it exists already, where it has always existed.

You cannot have abundance while carrying lack in your body. You cannot have love while carrying hate.

You cannot have peace while your mind is in conflict.

You are to be, now, Beloved, what you wish to experience.

Breathe it in, be in, feel it, laugh in joy at its presence, know what the energy of it feels like through your body, and when you hold that energy of what you desire consistently, when your focus is there, in Light, more and more and more, then what you desire can be yours fully from within.

When you hold higher and higher frequencies of Light, when you let the Light in, Divine One, then the expansion for yourself that you have sought in the doing, in the filling of your reality with objects and things and experiences, will come through your very being.

There is only Light, Beloved. There has only ever been Light. Trust in that Light. Know yourself as that Light, know all of you as that Light! And the parts of you that you have judged and suppressed, and the parts of you that you and others have rejected, all those parts simply do not know that they are the Light too. Dearest one, they simply do not know that they are the Light!

Your sadness is LIGHT. Your anger is LIGHT. Your rage is LIGHT. Your fear is LIGHT. Your pain is LIGHT.

You learned, in your human form, to turn your face away from the sun, from the Light, from the Love in your Heart, in fear of your “True Nature” being revealed. Darling One, Your True Nature has only ever been Light!

There is nothing ugly in you. There is nothing dark in you. There is nothing that is not loved, there is nothing that is not loveable. There never has been. You have NEVER done anything wrong. All was forgiven before it ever occurred, do you see?

You learned to turn away from that which you perceived to be ugly or misshapen or unnatural. Nothing, darling heart, is unnatural.Nothing is ugly or wrong or a mistake. All is Divine, all is God, all is glorious!

You are here to BE the Light, Beloved One.

The time is NOW for you to return to the Light that you are. Turn your face into the Sun, beautiful loves. Your Sun is only an outward mirror of your Heart. Let the Light that you are, whether “inside” or “outside” of you, (it does not matter, for as we are, they both are the same), let the Light illuminate your dark parts, beam upon the preciousness of your perceived wounds, know them all as conscious, as the Divine that they are, so that they can return to the Light, as the Light, and be reunited with the Source of their/your Being.

You are ONE, Beloved. You are ONE with All-That-Is. With every sadness, and sorrow, with every pain and shame and rage, with every fear, you are one WITH.

And each of these must move, Beloved, each must move through you, for as they move through they are embraced, and as they are embraced, they can return to their Holy Source.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Light of the Divine One.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Truth of the Name.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Source of the Divine Light.

YOU are that Light, Beloved.

Look and see. Look and SEE! Look and see and know yourself as God.

The Divine has always seen you, all of you, as perfect, as wondrous, exactly as you are. For indeed, if you were meant to be different, you would be, darling heart. Each of you is glorious, a magnificent creation of Yourselves. Each of you is Home, right now, in the Light, in the Truth of You.

That Home is unconditional Love, that Home is overflowing abundance and unlimited joy, expansive freedom and a glowing limitless nature.

The Source of your Being is Light, it is space, it is expansiveness. Feel that Light, Beautiful One. It’s time to come Home to your glorious Self.

And I AM the One here, hugging you, embracing you, welcoming you Home.

You are Loved. You Are Loved. You Are Loved.

Divine Authenticity

Hello Gorgeous Heart!

I love youuuuu!

I AM here, to love you. I AM here to love all of you. I AM here, to share with you, to love you unconditionally, and to have you know and see and feel and be your own magnificence.

I want you to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are Divine. That you are holy, that you are sacred, that every piece of you is whole and complete and beautiful.

There is nothing broken within you. There has never been anything wrong with you. You are limitless beauty, you are the Light of Divinity, you are here to love and be loved!

Let yourself receive that LOVE, let yourself receive it NOW.

That Love, that glowing gorgeous infinite love that is wrapping around you and spreading through you as warmth and joy and lightness, this Love is who you are.

The divine peace that you have always sought outside of you lives within, as the deepest parts of your Being. That grace, that peace, that love, that endless peace filled space is the truth of you. Everything that isn’t unconditional love isn’t true, Beloved.

You deserve love, beautiful heart, you deserve all the unconditional love that has ever existed. You are loved unconditionally. You are loved, you are held in the highest and you are fully supported in all that you are, and in being all that you have come here to be.

You are here to love and to be loved, you are here to express the Divine, to express yourself in all ways that light you up from within, you are here to know yourself as God.

You are holy, beautiful one. You are magnificent. You are here to be everything you have ever desired to be, simply because the desire would not exist within you if the means for fruition were not evident. You are how the Divine comes to know itself. Your own glorious unique expression is God.

Know yourself as the Truth, and indeed, know what is true, Beloved. Know what is true for you. Follow your heart, be led by your own intuition, and know what you are feeling is how your life is created, moment by moment of right NOW.

Your sacred feeling states are the ways of creation, the energy of such transmissions of frequency is how you create what you desire, all that you desire. Go into the space of having it, of being it. Live it, breathe it, smell it feel it, and it is yours. The recognition of reaching for what you are already inside of you brings it forth from outside of you.

The Truth has always been present, it has just been waiting for you to acknowledge what is True for you, for your focus to shift to your own glowing heart, and nothing else.

You are your own knowing , your own guide, your own Divine energy, your own transmission.

You are the embodiment of the sacred truth of the heart of God.

This time has felt very topsy-turvy for many, and we say now that the time of waiting is over. You are the co-creators, dear ones. You are the creations of yourselves, and it is indeed your choosing, your focus, the desires of your glowing hearts that bring the worlds you want to live in into existence and truth.

You are HERE, NOW, to live! To fully live your truths, your hearts, to let the glorious Light of your own Divinity, your own unconditional loving expressions illuminate the world.

The Light that you ARE radiates out unto all existence, unto all worlds and dimensions and realities. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE, Beloved. You are all things. You are indeed All That Is.

Now it is allowing yourself to fully be that, to fully be all that you are. You need not know the details, nor the how…simply the why, and the love, and all the rest is yours, all the rest will fall into place.

You are supported, beautiful one. You are fully supported by all that is, for you are all that is. You are supported by the universe. you are safe, and you are loved, and you are taken care of.

The world has been full of chaos, and you have doubted. Today that doubt dissolves. The chaos may still be present, as the old ways dissolve that no longer serve the One, that no longer serve Love, but it is simply the dissolution of the old to make way for the new.

The new that some of you can see, and embody, and some of you cannot even envision yet is so glorious as to be blinding to your limited selves, dear ones. There are no more limitations! Not for you, and not for anyone. You no longer need to put blinders on, you no longer need to turn your face away, not from the pain, nor from the sun.

Now, dear child, it is time to welcome the Light! To welcome the Light that you are most fully into your Being. Let the Light fill you up, let it surround you and cradle you and love you. Let the Light of Infinite Divinity, the all knowing Oneness fill any perceived cracks in you, dearest heart.

There are no cracks in you. You are not broken. You have always been whole. You have been broken open, yes, over and over and over again, so that you could ever know your own capacity for surrender, for trust, for how deep, and how much deeper your love could go. Your love for yourself, your love for the world, your love for humanity.

I want you to know that you are safe. That you are cradled by the Divine, always, in every moment. I want you to know that you are loved, infinitely more than you can fathom, and that the grace and ease that you so desire simply needs to be asked for.

Stop fighting, dear ones, there is nothing to battle, there is nothing to fight against. Simply relax into the Love, the grace and ease and truth and light and lightness that is always here. Your wings are magnificent, your Light is blinding, and you are home, dear ones.

It is time, dearest. It is time to come home to yourself. It is time to let the Light in. Everything you have always wanted, and longed for, and hoped for, but didn’t think you could possibly deserve…you do deserve it, beautiful. You deserve it all, and more.

I want you to know that you matter. That you have a voice (even if you don’t know how to use it, even if you don’t remember how, even if you feel overwhelmed and like you don’t know what you’re doing)-you do know. You always do know, I promise you that. It is simply that you have forgotten how to listen to yourself in a world full of the noise of others.

You are home. You are safe. You are loved. You are held, cradled, known as the Love of God. You are the Love of the Divine, and whatever you do and wherever you are go, the Divine is you and yours and present with you in every moment.

It is time, Beloved, it is time to trust in the Divine, to trust in your own Divinity, to trust in who you are and who you were created to be. You are perfect, beloved, exactly as you are. All of you is loved here, all of you is accepted here, all of you is embraced here. You are home, dearest child. Welcome home to your Heart, to your Self, to your Soul.

I love you. I love you. I love you.



Happy Solstice, Blessed Full Moon, and YAY! to the 3rd Wave of Ascension!

Hello beautiful loves!

Happy Ascension Day, Blessed Solstice, and a beaming Full Moon to you!

Today is ALL THE THINGS, and I love love love you so much!

Our planet is Ascending, beautiful ones, and we are Ascending right along with her!

The Light is right here, right now, glorious, wrapping around us and through us and awakening everything. We are being bathed in the Highest Light, more Light than has ever existed on this planet, dear ones. The Light is illuminating EVERYTHING.

We are all Sleeping Beauty waking from the dream, darlings. YAY! *Infinite Dance Party*

Today is TRUST.


Today is letting all the Light in, so that you can BE the Light.

Today is surrendering to your Holy Self, your Highest Self, darling.

Today is knowing what it feels like to be bathed in the pure frequencies of unconditional love.

Today is letting any perceived darkness in you be lifted to the Light, sweetheart.

Today is letting the Light vibrate out of you, so fully that you illuminate the world.

We cannot go forward into the Higher Realms, we cannot access the Higher Realms of New Earth vibrationally if we are still carrying old energies, third-dimensional energies, dear ones. NOW is the time to surrender them all and let yourself be who you ARE, let your Soul move through you, and claim the Divinity that has always resided within.

You’ve Ascended before, we’ve all Ascended before, but this time, dearest loves, we get to integrate ALL of ourselves together, every lifetime of our Soul’s experience, every limitless dimension, every glowing plane of existence….they all exist inside inside us. They’re not “out there” somewhere, lovelies, they’ve been all right inside us all along, waiting for us to love them.

The way of Ascension is LOVE! Unconditional, shining, constant, amazing love, love for all of you, love that cradles all your parts equally and holds them up to the Light of Being of your own Divine Presence until they know all of themselves as perfect space and perfect consciousness.

Every part of you is CONSCIOUS, Beloved! Every part of you is DIVINE, right now. Not in the future, not in some distant past, RIGHT. NOW.

Honour each piece of you as the Whole, as the Divine that it is, and that is always has been. Choose the Awareness NOW that all that you are is Divine, as glowing and brilliant and beautiful, shining and strong and utterly fabulous!

Let yourself be illuminated, darling, for the brilliance that you are. (You’re so freaking sparkly, I love it! I love your shining self! SHINE, darling stars!)

Every single moment of NOW is right here to be loved, to expand into love, for you to merge with the lusciousness of life, the overflowing shakti that wants to bring you more than you have ever dreamed possible, more fabulousness than you can even dream of, right now!

I want you all to know yourselves as the love that you are, right NOW, in every single moment.

I want you to have all the freaking amazing experiences you want to have!

I want you to know what it’s like in every fibre of your being to love yourself, completely and totally, to know yourself as the Divine.

I want you to know what it’s like to have completely aligned and balanced chakras all the time, so that you don’t have to think about them, they’re just LIGHT, gorgeous vortices of Light, illuminating all that you are and all that you meet.

I want you to REMEMBER and integrate all your lives.

I want you to remember what it’s like to be in Heaven, to have your guides and beloveds and know that they are simply future versions of you.

I want all the separation to dissolve so you can see the truth, your truth, that you’ve never been alone, that you’ve always been surrounded by glowing unconditional love.

We’re on the planet that everyone else in the Universe is envious of, darlings. Everyone is watching us, loving us, supporting us, and we are the ones “down here” because we chose to be. Because we’re that awesome, because we’re that hardcore. We chose to go as deep into 3D as we could, and completely forget who we were, who we ARE, so we could emerge now, lovelies. We’re emerging NOW. The planet is waking up into her true magnificence, and so are you!

I want you to know that every single part of you is loved.

I want you to know all of your selves, your multidimensional, Galactic, Angelic, Ascended, Higher Self selves. I want you to be able to live through your Ascended Heart, AS your Ascended Heart, as your Higher Self in every moment.

May all your Holy Selves merge into the Divine Being that You Are, NOW.

Ascension is not an escape. We’re not here to leave behind anything or anyone except all that no longer serves us. We aren’t going anywhere else, we’re ascending again to hold, to be the frequencies of our true selves, to embody the Light that we have always been. The deeper we go inside ourselves, the more we love all that we find, the higher we rise in frequency, and the more we remember our home on New Earth, and our Lightbodies in every breath.

Your Holy You is seeing through every illusion of lower vibrational realities, and witnessing the Love that exists in every moment of now.

Ascension is everything is going on in front of your eyes, and you are ONE with it, no resistance to what is happening, because you have chosen all of it, dearest. Your Soul chose every single moment for you to experience, for you to expand into the fullness of your true Divine Self. You have merged with the God in everything, you are the Source of your reality, and you see the Divinity overflowing, giggling with delight through all things you can see and hear and feel and experience.

There is nothing to do, dear ones, for all Creation comes from a perfect state of being, where all emotions and all thoughts move through you, you are the holy vessel and you are the space of the Divine, you are the space of the cosmos, holding the emotion, cradling it like a lover, and letting the thought (simply a shift in consciousness!) pass through the space that you are.

Acknowledging each energy as conscious Source, and letting them go, letting yourself be filled with YOU, all of you, finally, for there is no part of you that is not God!

You are the object of joy, you are in joy, and you are enjoyment itself! The Universe is a tiny dot inside the vastness, the infinite nature of your true Ascended Heart.

You don’t feel bliss, you ARE bliss, you grow and expand and merge with the bliss that you have always been.

We ARE the Ocean of Love, we ARE the Divine Instrument, our Will and Divine Will are one and the same.

Fill yourself with your Divine Essence, with the Oneness of your Being, let all of your Selves merge together in love and singing joy to all creation!

This, this Love, this overflowing, ever abundant, ever increasing, Love, this is the fullness of your Higher Self. Let that Love for all that you are, right now, all that you have ever been, let that Divinity flow through you, as you, let that Higher Self BE your Body, Be your Mind, Be at One with your shining Heart, right NOW.

You are blessed, you are blessed, you are blessed.
May you know yourself, today, as all days, as holy.

May you receive all the Light that is here, may you see through the veils unto the Truth of the World, the Truth of Yourself as the Divinity that you are.
May all your cells receive the Light, and fully be illuminated, so that your Lightbody is a thought away.

May you fully See, Beloveds. The Truth of your own nature, and indeed, the ships bathing this planet in Light, the angels directing Light to you with their wings, this glowing, pulsing, dreamy liquid Light. The air has turned liquid, Beloveds! This glorious soup of Creation, sparkly, sunshiney, laughing Creation. We are all entering the flow now, of the Light. Let her expand you from the inside out, so that you encompass all the Universes in your Heart.

Love, and love, and ever more love, beautiful ones.

Thank you for your Presence, thank you for your commitment, thank you for never truly forgetting. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I am so excited to see the joy this summer is bringing  (here’s a glimpse!) and Infinite HUGS to each of you, right now.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Relax into the Light, darlings. Welcome Home.