Hello Beloveds, Hello!

We say to you, welcome! upon this day of Love. Indeed, all days are days of Love, but this is the one your earth celebrates, and so we say to you rejoice, for every single day is to be a celebration of Love, a celebration of the Light that you are.

We love you. We love you, we love you so much, and the Light of Love is all around, ever present, ever filling you and streaming down upon you, dear ones. You are only ever receiving love, receiving ever more and more love. We love you, we love you, we love you so much.

How much we love you bears repeating, over and over and over again, until you know that our love is as close and constant as your own dear breath. Love indeed is your breath, Beloved. It is the Light of Heaven streaming into you and illuminating every cell, and sharing that Light with all of the worlds upon your outbreath.

There is so much love, so much love, ever present.

And the space, the space of Divine Essence, of peace, of abundance, the great shining infinity of Light that has opened in You (and so, each one of you shares in the peace of the vessel, whether or not you are yet conscious of it) that is the future of the world, of each one of you, Beloved.

The glorious space that is present in this now, the inner peace, the great silence that is the deepest wellsprings of Love will only expand and ever widen, dear children of the Light.

You are home, you have always been home in the Love that You Are, you simply could not see it, mired as you were in old energies. But we are here to tell you now, everything is shifting, everything is ever aligning, more and more with Love, with the Divinity that rests in the centre of each and every Heart.

You are glowing, child. You are luminous, dearest one, we see your Light, and we are so grateful for it, for your Presence, for your hope and your devotion and your strength-how strong you are, to be the Light for the worlds who could not see themselves.

Who you are, what you are, all that you are is so sacred, Beloved. Who you are matters to so many hearts, hearts you have not met yet (but you will!). There is so much Love here for you, darling, open your arms, lovely one, and receive it. All the world is here for you, to support you, to love you, to give back to you your own blessed Divinity, dearest.

Who you are, matters. You matter. All of you matters. All of you is important, all of you is valid, all that you feel is loved. All feelings that arise in you are messengers of God, to show you where Love is still needed.

You are Love, Beloved. There is nothing in you that is not love, there are no dark parts of you, there are only those parts asking for illumination. Let the Light of your Heart, of your precious Soul shine upon them all. Know that there is no darkness in you that can stay once you turn on your Light.

The time is NOW to claim your Power, the time is NOW to love yourself as never before, for Love is what is required in all hearts to make the changes you wish to see in your worlds.

Let yourself be cradled by Love, be uplifted by Love, let yourself be supported by Love.

Everything is Love, at its essence, Beloved. Everything is Love. The One is Love. All of You are Love. All That Is is Love.

Let yourself See in that Love, vision from that Love, dream from that Love, and take action from that Love.

YOU ARE THAT LOVE, Beloved. That is ALL that you are, that is all that you have ever been.

Let yourself BE that Love NOW.


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