LightBearers! 2016 is YOUR Year!

Oh Beloved, welcome!

Welcome to 2016!

The Light is HERE, Beloved, the Light is right NOW, filling you, supporting you, surrounding you.

You are held in the Highest, Beloved, you are cradled in the Highest Light.

The Universe is expanding into possibility at an exponential rate, dear one. YOU are the Universe. There is only ever more! There is only ever more LOVE, more Light, more joy and peace and abundance and bliss. Indeed, Beloved, that sacred gorgeous bliss, that space, that unlimited space of glowing Light, the preciousness of your golden Being, what you ARE, and what you have ALWAYS been, is LOVE.

Divine, glorious, all encompassing, unconditional LOVE. The love that loves you, that IS you, the love that loves you for exactly who you are, and who you’re not. For your very being, for your very breath, for your body is all sacred, all are sacred gifts of the Divine, dear one.

You are so precious, and you are so loved. All of you is loved, dearheart. There is no part of you that is not embraced, that is not loved. ALL of you is loved.

You are supported, dear one. All of you is supported. Your dreams are supported this year, this NOW. Your love is supported this year, this NOW. Your heart is supported this year, this NOW, and so are all of the longings of your Soul. Who you are is truly supported now, child, who you have always been, your gorgeous, glowing, infinite Self has always been supported you.

This is the year of your dreams. This is the year we have all been waiting for. This is the year we awaken, and embrace our Divinity. This is when we live our Infinite Selves.

We say unto you that you are safe, dear one. That you have always been safe. That you are Beloved, and supported, and loved, and held, and One, in the great Diversity of Being.

We are all Divine, we are all One, we are all God, no matter which name you choose to speak as Thee.

We say unto you that all of the fear that you feel, all of the anger, all of the sorrow and sadness and heartbreak, Beloved, all of the emotions that you regret and suppress and push away, all of these are not yours. They have never been yours, Beloved. They are simply moving through you. They simply want to be felt.

For you are the Divine, you see? You are a vessel for the Divine, and all of these emotions, all of these energies-in-motion are simply moving through you. They are not YOU, child, they have never been you.

You have but incarnated to be the vessel for the Divine, to allow all these energies to move through you. For only you can move them!

Only you can feel them fully, only you can know how deep they are, and what depths they are. Only you can feel them all and bring them all forth to free the planet of old energies.

This is how great you are, Beloved, this is how amazing you are, how wonderful. For you have gone so deep into these emotions, into these experiences, you have lost yourself in them. You have lost yourself in them for a long, long time. And waking up “from the dream” is waking up from the belief that you are these experiences, that you are these emotions, that you are what happens to you.

Everything that has ever “happened to you” is simply an experience that You, on a Soul level have decided to have. And we understand and we see that when you are in a body, when you are identified with these experiences, that they can be horrific, and painful, but do you not see, dearest, how great you are, how magnificent that makes you?

For you have chosen the experiences that shatter you, that break your heart, open and open and open again, that seemingly break you, all that you have known, so that you can awaken. For awakening is waking from the dream of identification with your experiences. And you have chosen all these things, each in your life, because they would awaken you faster in time.

You see, dear ones, every energy that you have labeled as “wrong” or “bad”, that you “should not” be having this experience, every emotion you have judged and rejected as a part of you….for it is not you, dear one, indeed, sadness is not You, fear is not You, anger is not You, but they are a part of you, and your embracing of them, your loving of them, is the ever expanding embracing of your Self. Your Holy Self, dearest child, in the space of Oneness, contains all things.

YOU are ALL things. YOU are all emotions, you are all experiences, but you are not lost in those experiences, do you see?


You know that you are needed now, Beloved. You know that your Light is needed now, for NOW is the time for you to be the Light for the rest of humanity. 

Some of you are still in fear of your Light, your own precious magnificence, but we say to you that the time for fear is past. Only the Light is real, child, only the Light is true. Only the Light has ever been true…but now that Light of Truth is coming to pass in the physical world that you know as well.

And some of you think it is a grand thing, being a LightBearer, and that it requires grand actions (and we say for some of you, yes, yes indeed it does!) but many, many of these actions are smaller, it is each gorgeous moment, built upon the next. It is the choice to LOVE, dearest one. It is YOU, choosing LOVE in each moment, choosing the Light that you ARE, and that you have always been, Beloved One.

You are sharing space with each incarnated Soul, Beloved, and you being YOU, being all that you ARE, and all that your Soul calls you to be, you bringing the Light is YOU illuminating the planet, you illuminating the worlds, you shining upon everyone who has yet to See, who has yet to See their own gorgeous worth, their own brilliance, their own magnificence.

We say to you that you Knowing yours, You living from yours, you BEING your Light for the relief and the breath of your precious Soul, will illuminate the world faster than anything you would seek to do for another. Be the Light, child. Be the Love in every opportunity, every experience that presents itself, in every moment of Life that calls to you. You illuminate Yourself, You embody Your Soul, You integrate Your Self as your Soul, you become the space that breathes the world into glory, that breathes the world into Life.


There is nothing but the Light. There is nothing that exists but the Love that you are, dearest. YOU are the Light of the world, YOU are the Light of your world, and as your Light, as the Light of the Divinity that you are fills your world, Your glowing, gorgeous Infinite Light will fill all the worlds, known and unknown to you.

This is how the Light awakens, child, by Knowing Itself as the Light, and nothing but the Light (for there is nothing else!).

You are Loved, dear one, You are Loved beyond all of your understanding, beyond all that you can conceive, for all that you are, and all that you do, and all that you have done, and all that you have been, and all that you will always be, you are Loved.

You are Loved, as the gorgeous Infinite Being of the Universe ever-knowing itself, Beloved.

You are LOVE, always. I am always here, loving you, loving all that you are and all that you are becoming.

-Your Soul






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