The Blue Light of Compassion: Vibrational Upleveling at Samhain and Beyond

Hello Beloveds!

There is SO MUCH energy coming through, there has been so much gorgeous cosmic awesomeness in the air, and all of the downloads of the Highest Light EVER….

But it’s also been really overwhelming and holy freaking crap INTENSE for a lot of people right now.

Just want to address that it’s okay. That it’s all okay. You’re FINE. You’re PERFECT! Everything is perfect! Everything is exactly happening as it is supposed to, as it is meant to. If something different were supposed to happen, what you are experiencing now would not be happening! The Universe is evolving into this superamazingfantastic Presence, and wants to bring you with, because YOU are this super awesome amazing fantastic magnificent being as well!

The Universe is loving the crap outta you, and bringing you into more. All those wishing-hoping-dreaming desires, all those longings in your Heart for things to change in your Life?

THIS is the Universe listening.

Everything is in crazy-batshit-upheaval right now because of Samhain/ Hallowe’en, and because the Universe is AWESOME. It’s been super rollercoaster-y, continually bringing us all into more and more awesomeness, up and down and seemingly backwards(You can NEVER go back, by the way, because even if it feels like you are repeating the same old pattern, you are coming at it from a higher vibration, from a clearer lever of consciousness) but all that is asked for here is TRUST.

Trust that you are on the right path, that in fact you can never leave the path, for the path is your Soul. You can choose not to listen…but you are always love, you are always light, even when (especially when!) you are unconscious of it.

Trust that everything that is occurring in your life right now, and always, is for your Highest Good, from your Soul, from your Godself, from the Highest Expression of Divine Love that You Are.

Your Higher Self has chosen all of this already, because exactly what is happening right now is the answer to all your prayers. It feels like chaos, it feels like rage, and snot, and puking, and  seemingly irrational fear. It feels like insecurity, and all the drama ever, but it is bringing up everything in you that needs to be looked at, that needs to be embraced and loved within yourself.

The “outside world” is YOU. The world, all of the worlds, are only ever mirroring back to you what you are vibrating out into it, what the level of your consciousness,is in every moment and  what the light of your vibration is, is what the world is giving you.

All that drama that is seemingly coming out of nowhere? That is the Universe showing you how much conflict still exists within yourself and what wants to be brought into harmony and integrated within YOU.

All that fear that you judge as irrational? ALL fear is irrational, because fear is an illusion. It is an energy that wants to move through your body. Let it move! Shake it out. You don’t need to carry it anymore, fear is no longer serving us as a species. It is a contraction of energy that as an experience is necessary to bring you into the next vibrational upleveling of your Soul expression, but we do not need to drag the entire history of humanity’s fear with us anymore. (If you are reading this, you ARE the next evolution of humanity).

All the frustration that things are not going the way you want them to, the way we have all said they are “supposed to” go is simply resistance of what IS. Everything is perfect. All that is needed is for you to relax into the experience.

I hosted a workshop in person last night, and it was little, and scary, and perfect in whe middle of it, and at the end of it I was all neurotic about it. I experienced all the insecurity that has coloured most of the memories of my school years. Did I do a good job? Did I get the message across clear enough? Was I as clear as I could be so that all the energy could be received?

And what I received almost immediately from the Universe was a question:

Have You Loved Enough?

In this, and every circumstance, have you loved enough?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then you have done a good job, you have done the best job you could do, and we thank you, Beloved, for being exactly who you are, for sharing the Light and the Love across all the ‘Verses.

It is YOU who contain all the answers to the Universe. You only need to look inside yourself to find them. There are no gross parts of you, there are no weak parts, there are no broken parts, there are no useless parts, there are no parts at all! At the level of Oneness there is only LOVE, there has only ever been LOVE.

And Oneness always exists, and has always existed, and is always around you, waiting for you to embrace it as Yourself.


The day before Hallowe’en, in that gorgeous wormhole of intensity, where it is so immensely obvious who cares to see that all the veils between all the worlds don’t exist, and have never existed, truly, I was gifted the opportunity to see James van Praagh. I’ve never experienced that many spirits in one room in this lifetime, and it was beautiful and incredibly overwhelming. I wept and shook and shamanically puked for the entire three hours. Such a vibrational upleveling, because I was just blown open, and many of those spirits were a physical presence around me, and coming through me the entire time.

This was the first time I was in a mediumship ceremony where I wasn’t expected to deliver the messages, and though many spirits came through my body and my mind, and made their presence known(and I feel I need to reiterate all of them, ALL of them, were loving beautiful presences), it was not overwhelming in message delivery because the spirits knew I was not here to be the medium. I was in the room to support the medium, and to love everyone there, and of all the energies and presences coming through, there were many who were sad, and all who were there who had loved ones there were greatly missing them, but it was such this beautiful wave of overflowing love.

I couldn’t stop ugly-crying about how gorgeous and Light-filled the entire room was, everyone was glowing and wrapped in angel wings and all their loved ones, known and unknown, every spirit guide, every teacher, every master was in the room with them. I personally said HAIII! and beamed love to (and was loved by) Jeshua, and Archangels Michael and Gabriel and Raphael. Diana was there, and Dionysus, Isis and Anubis and Horus, Hathor and Thoth, Odin, Hecate, the Morrighan, to name a few that I am close to. There were so many beloveds there for everyone. It was a sacred beautiful experience to witness, whether everyone else was aware of who was with them or not.

We were brought into a meditation where I knew (and am subsequently so inspired by!) that James was not playing around. Even though there were a bunch of “newbies” in the audience, he still led us in a body-sharing with a loving spirit meditation. I had no expectation about who would actually come through for me, because on the level of loved ones who have passed on that I knew in this incarnation, I was never close to any of them. And I have so many guides and teachers and masters and beloveds around me, from so many different incarnations and time periods and dimensions(thank you, darlings!) and they were all present as this glorious support, but they were not coming through, there was no specific message….

…And then Mother Mary came through my body, and into me, and shared with me this miraculous wave of Divine Love, and compassion, and I couldn’t stop crying and shaking for a quarter of an hour after she left. I was completely outside of time, and I was bathed in Light for eternity. Every cell of my body relaxed, and was soothed and Loved, and I felt completely at Home, and at Peace, and every cell of my Being knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, and nothing could ever be or have been any different than it was, and it was PERFECT.

I was wrapped in this soft blue Light, and filled, surrounded and overflowing with an infinite supply of Love, and nothing was wrong, nothing ever could be wrong, and I was aware that nothing that had ever happened in any lifetime or any dimension was not meant to be, was fully and completely ultimately from my Highest Self, for my Highest Good.

All was Light, and all was Love, and all was Oneness. And all still is, even when I don’t full comprehend or am fully conscious of it. That was the message and the perfect nature of this experience. So grateful, Beloveds, thank you for all of this grace.

And finally, three little messages that have come through over the past few days when the small human has doubted and questioned and wept.

1.You ARE the Wealth of God.

2.Embrace, welcome and acknowledge the Light at the center of all things.(To give an example that has been coming up lately: food!

All food is Light, all vibration is Light, for at the center of all things is God. Focus on the Light, and your food is blessed, your drink is blessed, all that you put into your body is already blessed. It is beautiful, and fully ware that it is Light, it is just asking you to notice it, and so, your own true nature. 

3.”Eternity bids thee to forget” is a quote I came across today that has looped in my head, and the message is that the past, all the entirety of every past you have access to…does not exist outside of time. Of all that has happened, all the shame-blame-fear-pain-sadness-anger spiral that blankets most our vivid memories, it does not exist on the level of Eternity, on the level of your Soul. On the Level of Eternity, all that is left is the Light. All that is present, and all that has ever existed is the Light. 

Hold onto that, as the darkness vibrates out of us, and we are finally awakened to the fullness of our own Essence: Light.


I love you, Beloved.

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