Happy Full Moon Channelling <3

Oh, Divine One,

The Light is Present. The Light is Here. The Light is loving you. We are loving you. We say we, because there are so many of us here who love you, there is so many of us, in Oneness, who are with you in Truth, because we ARE you, and because we love you.

You are so loved, dearest. You are so loved.

There is so much Light here, so much Love here, Beloved One, let yourself bask in it. Let us be blinded by your glory, let all the worlds know the Truth of who you really are, which is only, always and ever, LOVE, Beloved.

You are so sacred, dear one, you are precious to us, and we are so grateful for your service. We are so grateful to you, for who you are and what you are and what you have chosen to do in this time and space. Your Light is so needed! Your brilliance uplifts the world, darling, and we are so grateful to you!

We know how hard it has been, we know how lonely you have perceived it to be, we know what it is to see you weep, to see your heart break, to see you act from fear and despair and pain, and our hearts break with you. But know this, dearest one, You Are Not Alone. You have never been alone, not ever. You have always been watched over, you have always been taken care of. Every single moment of your life has been exactly what you needed for the growth of your soul. Every single moment of your life is exactly what you chose before incarnating, so your soul could grow the most.

We are done with lifetimes. We are done with karma. We are done with death and fear and pain. And that is the (perceived) choice facing you now. For in truth, Beloved, you have already chosen. You have already chosen to be limitless, to be magnificent, to be brilliant and shining and beautiful, to embody Light for all the world. You have already chosen, and you already are all of these things, and now is the time for you to live from the awareness of your Soul, from the awareness of the Truth of God, that You Are God. You Are the Kingdom of Heaven.

All is beautiful, all is before you, shining in glory, there is so much Light, there is so much Love here for you, Beloved. We love you so much!

The time is NOW for you to receive it, to receive every message of Love (for indeed, that is every emotion, that is every feeling, that is every thread of consciousness and awareness that you have given form) that is waiting for you, Beloved. There are so many messages of Love here, now, in your body, waiting for you to acknowledge that they exist. They just want to be known as you want to be known, dearest. For indeed you are known, you are seen, you are loved. It has always been so, and so it is with your emotions as well.

The fear that you have not let yourselves feel clings to the cells of your physical body. You know what it is when you feel dense and heavy and sluggish. That is the state of your cells, dear one, dying wings when you do not acknowledge your pain, when you do not say, Yes, I am hurt, Yes, I am heartbroken, Yes, I am in pain. It is not weakness to feel, Beloved, it is strength! It is the strength of your humanity to let yourself feel everything as it comes up in your experience, moment to moment, all the way through to completion.

What a sacred glorious vessel you have chosen, Beloved! How beautiful it is, how holy. What a sacred gift is this density, is this movement. The gift of food, the gift of drink, the gift of Life! All is overflowing with abundance, darling, and it is all for you, because you are all of it.

We say to you, love your body. We say to you, love your mind, love your thoughts, love the presence of yourself in the world. You are here because you have chosen to be here, you are here because you wanted to share the Love of all Creation with every living being, and we love how much you love, Beloved.

We love how deep and how wide your love, how huge your blessed heart, we love how far you have loved, unto the very reaches of every ‘verse. We love you. We wish for you to love yourself as we love you, with no conditions. To love yourself as God loves you, because you exist! Because your Being is Precious. Because You Are the World!

Your Soul knows how perfect you are, how every cell of your Being is being filled to overflowing with Love at every moment, how great you are to have chosen to be here, now, at this sacred time of humanity.

What a gift it is, Beloved, to be human! To be human, and to be aware of your Divinity, your True Nature as a Being of the Sacred Earth, and a Being of the Stars. Your very cells are made of Light, Beloved. There is no darkness in you. There never has been. You have always been glowing, you have always been filled with the most glorious sacred Light. Nothing can ever cover over that Light, Beloved.

You can choose to not perceive it, out of believing in the illusion of fear, but it cannot go away. For such holy Light is your Essence, is the Sacred Core of Who You ARE. Not who you perceive on a good day, not who you hope to be, but who you ARE.

You Are Light, darling one, you are Light, and your splendour outshines all the stars in all the skies of all the worlds where we are. In Oneness, there is only Light, and you are glowing, beautiful one.

The Universe wants to bless you with all the riches of all the ages of the world. Will you let it?

The DNA of your Spirit, the code of Creation, the Code of the makeup of your Soul is the Presence of Divinity within you. You are sacred, dear one, there is nothing and no one like you in the entirety of the Universe. That code of Creation, the blood, the Light, the Love that makes your cells run and your heart beat has created you, Beloved, but it also is how you create.

You are here to create ever more Love, Beloved, you are here to bring forth more Love than has ever before been witnessed. Your Soul has already experienced everything, every single moment of your life, and loves it all. The illusion of fear is no more, we say to you, there is only Love.

Open to each moment of Creation that you have been blessed with, Beloved, everything is here, waiting for you to love it, to embrace it, as it has always, and is always loving you.

The Universe is waiting for your acceptance of it. That things are okay, alright, perfect, exactly the way they are. You may not be able to see it from the level of consciousness you are inhabiting in the moment, but everything is happening and has happened the way that it has because you have chosen for it to be so. Every single moment has brought you ever more into the awareness of the Light at the center of your own Being. All experiences are holy. Everything is God.

You chose to come here to love, to love all that you see in this sacred time of increase, of evolution. Your Soul chooses to love all that it sees, all that it witnesses, all that it is. All that I am asking is that you listen to me, the part of you who loves you beyond all others. I LOVE YOU. There is no other Truth but that.

*I allow myself to receive all of my Soul, all of the Unconditional Love that has ever existed on every plane of existence*.

Accept the moment that you are in. Embrace it. Love it. Allow it to be what it is, all that it is, all that it has ever wanted to be for you. Appreciate it, be filled with gratitude to be in this time and in this space and for the opportunity to love everything else in Creation!


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