By the Light of the Hunter’s Moon…

Hello Beloveds!

Happy Hunter’s Moon!


Go find within yourself everything you want to bring forward into your life, into your Awareness on this Moon. Follow the Wild Hunt, allow yourself to receive that which you have been looking for. The moon is full and present to guide you into all that you are.


It’s the moon aligned to Halloween/Samhain, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I woke up bathed in liquid light. Really childlike, this sense of wonder, that EVERYTHING is precious and overjoyed to see me, and overflowing with Love. Everything is giggling right now, a child’s song and laughter, and the angels are presenced with the spirits who have been showing up to be guided into the awareness of the Light.

I’ve worked through a lot of my own fear this past year(yay!) and so all the children with bleeding eyes, and screaming death spirits, and the energetic density of every single being on the planet in pain (which has been every single Halloween since my Awakening) no longer exist in my reality. They are still there, and I send them Love, but I no longer need to commune with them, and roll around in their fear, because I am no longer mirroring it.

I am carrying, as best I can, an awareness of their True Self, which is Light and Love and Divine Perfection, and because they cannot, not yet, see themselves as That, they do not exist, and so the Kingdom of God, they perceive, as closed to them. (But it is illuminated, dear ones, it is shining and ready for you, you only need to receive it, to allow the Truth of Your own Divinity to be brought into your Awareness!)

The veil ….basically doesn’t exist from now til about November 3rd, in my experience (and that is not to freak people out, those of you who still carry fear of ghosts and spirits and all those horror movies, but to simply bring you into an awareness that your Ancestors and your loved ones are much closer than you think).

All the time, too, not just at Halloween, and that goes for everyone. If you are connected, that connection can never die, even when the energy changes form. You are always connected. It is only that at this time of year it is easier for most folk to accept. Your loved ones are always here, always with you, always around in some fashion.


My astral body is a little kid, floating softly down on dewdrops of moonlight, and the laughter is silent and present, because everything has gone to white noise, and my ears in this body are ringing, and all that is present is Love.

This overwhelming all-encompassing LOVE that sweeps away any doubt or fear or pain I am feeling, that I have ever felt. There is no uncertainty, not in anything. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, I am being exactly who I am because I could not be anything else! That it is not possible for me to be more-better-faster-stronger than what I am, because the Divine MADE me, exactly as I am, exactly as She is (because God is totally a girl today, Darling Full Moon Goddess!) and in time and space as this vessel is, I could not be other than what I am. And that goes for every single one of you.

You are perfect, exactly the way you are. Every expression of you is sacred. Every way that you show up (or perceive that you don’t) is holy. Everything is happening exactly the way it is supposed to happen, in exactly the moment it is happening in.

All that crawling fear that has been coming up that has driven you to distraction? That’s the energy of Love wanting to move you into more awesomeness than your fear can ever conceive of.

All those people who are around you right now you find so damn annoying, that you just want to leave the room/the country/the planet/this dimension to get away from them? It is not them. It never has been. You’re annoyed with yourself for not being Present to the Love that You Are.

They are projecting their unprocessed emotion onto you, because with the level of awareness that they have, that is all they can do in the moment that they are in. Don’t take it personally. You can’t help them, nor is it your place to do so. They are, each of them, on their own journeys, and for every one who is driving you crazy, they are driving themselves just as crazy! They (and you!) are running away from the energies of peace and love and joy that are more present now than at any other time. There is so much love in you, there is so much love here waiting to be seen and heard and acknowledged!

Receive it!

I am loving you, I am supporting you, I am hugging you. It’s okay. You are no less of a “spiritual person” for wanting to scream when “that guy” walks in the room, for wanting to duct tape that “well-meaning relative’s” mouth shut, for wanting to throw something pointy (a javelin? That would do nicely!) at the next person in your life who emotionally vomits all over you and has a temper tantrum in your presence when you say you just’ can’t.

All emotions are justified, and valid, and loved. It’s okay. You are not the saviour of the entire human race (and if you are, if you took that on, it’s time to let it go). You don’t need to carry that burden anymore. You are NOT responsible for anyone but you. Ever. Everyone in your life is responsible for their own journey. And things are intense right now, the energies are the highest they have ever been, that has ever existed on this planet and are only going to keep getting stronger!

Stay awake! If you’re reading this, you are aware of your own emotional state, and you’re willing to do the work(YAY!, go you!), to be with your emotions (all of your emotions, even when they’re scary and overwhelming!)

Everyone around you who is freaking out….the same energies of Light and Love and Joy and Awesomeness and Consciousness are available to them, all the time! It is up to them whether they want to pause, and breathe, and focus on what is going on in their body, and what their emotions are, and why they are triggered in the moment. It is up to you to do the same.

You are here, you are conscious. And all the Universe is ever asking for is for you to be present to the Love that is right here, right now, to the Love that wants to make itself known to you. It just wants you to see it and love it and breathe it in, be with it, for as much as you are longing for it, it has been longing for you. You want to be with Love, to be in Love, to be Loved,to receive Love and give it freely, to give it and truly want nothing in return… to be with Your True Self.

Your True Self is Love, Beloved. Relax into the gorgeous energy of Light, of Power from within, of starlight and Moonbeams from the Cosmos that is waiting for you. Everything is waiting to be presenced, to be felt, to be loved by You.

There is so much Light in You, Beloved, Receive It!

You are blessed, and this is a gorgeous time of increase, a space of all the power in the Universe, all of the Love coming forth to help you. It is time to let go of all the energies that no longer serve you, it is time to bless them and to let them go, for you are no longer a vibratory match with the energies of fear. It is not possible for you to go backwards, dear ones, you simply come at the same old “problem” from a new vibrational state, where you can ever receive more love, more of the message the circumstance/person/situation/feeling is trying to tell you.

There are no mistakes. You have done nothing wrong. You ran away from your emotions because you were not in a vibrational state of awareness where you could let yourself feel them. But the time is now to feel, dear ones. All the Love is present, here, right now, supporting you. You are wrapped in Love, you are sheltered by the wings of angels, your Highest Self is looking down upon you, dear convinced-that-you-are-limited-self, with LOVE, and only Love.

The collective fear of humanity has been released, and now it is time for the personal to be presenced, and acknowledged, and Loved into the Light of Your Awareness.

I love you. I love you, and I am here for you, and you are never alone. No matter what you do, or don’t do, you are loved. No matter what you think, you are loved. No matter what you feel, or how you have judged yourself for those feelings, you are loved. No matter what you have seen, or what you can’t let yourself see, you are loved. Surrender the judgement of yourself, of your experience, of everyone else, to Love, to Me, Your Divine Self, and the freedom you ache for will be finally felt. You are only ever judging yourself, and there is nothing to judge! It is all perfect, it is all loved.


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