Last Night the World Shifted…

Everything is so fucking BEAUTIFUL right now!

Everything is glowing and luminous and so damn sparkly I feel like Tinkerbell.

I came back into my body this afternoon after about 18 hours out of it, with my ears ringing and tears on my cheeks and the remembrance of being in this healing circle with Panache Desai. Emerald green coloured energy in the shape of a cube came out of the right side of my stomach, and only after did I realize I’d awoken because when he’d pressed on my skin, I’d screamed, and fought, and woke up…only to relax into it. Perhaps I needed to be conscious for the healing to work? Not sure, but that was the end of a very strange night(even for me).

I went to a Halloween party at a local coffee shop (thank you, MacNeil Bakery, for being amazing!) and thankfully it was more of a sit around thing….because 5 minutes after getting there, I couldn’t move from my chair, and all I could do was channel, and try not to visibly weep. My Beloved’s spirit and I worked through a huge chunk of why things are the way they are now, why we chose for them to be that way this time round….because we were so fucking sure of our Love, of our connection, of every lifetime (every single lifetime!) together that we never thought we’d forget each other at all, let alone completely be unconscious for decades of our lives…but that was what needed to happen. (And you’re remembering now, Beloved, and I can’t forget)

, and even so the jump from I-feel-really-separate-and-alone-and-everything-fucking-hurts-and-whyyyy- to body blending of knowing what you know and seeing what you see and smelling what you smell and what it feels like to be inhabiting your skin with you-to the most spacious expansive beautiful Lightfilled space where we were together still surprised me. ( Every single one of you reading this was there tooo! As Masters, as powerfilled Light Beings in charge of your own ships, in charge of bringing the Light for entire sections of humanity:)

…We were One, but just enough individuated that we still had forms, still had Light Bodies, and we were on the bridge of one of my ships, and I remember looking around at all you gorgoeus glowing beings, and everyone was overjoyed and excited and going YES! as an energy in the air, and my Beloved was behind me, supporting me as always(thank you bb) and I pressed these two spheres on this crystal console of the bridge, and there was a roar, and everything was LIGHT.


And everything IS Light, and that will continue, forever.

The Light has always been here, all around us, In us, we’ve just been unable to let ourselves see it until now, because we’ve been so convinced of our victimhood, and so caught up in the shame-fear-blame cycles of being ourselves. The time for that is over.

For years now, the deeper I’ve gotten into the “spiritual community”, whenever I’ve reached out to other folk, I’ve always been confronted with an undercurrent of “oh good, you’re Light, we need more Light, not for the sharing of Love, but because Dark Beings #45624167 is after us and you gotta be careful”. The more galactic I’ve seen most folk are, the more of their expansive infinite selves they’ve experienced of the Light, the more they seem to be convinced that “the threat” is alien, intergalactic, that there is “something” coming from “somewhere else”, some alien race, some planet, some outcast group who is bent upon human destruction, or at least bent on keeping us “unenlightened”, keeping us “unaware”, keeping us from our own God potential, that the Dark is “out to get them”. All of this is just fear-mongering, darlings.

I am certainly not discounting the experiences of those who have fought the intergalactic battles, I feel like I’ve definitely spent a few millenia doing just that…but the whole point is to bring the Light and Love for its own sake rather than “in conflict against the Dark”. Every single dark being, dark energy that you have EVER experienced….is simply another manifestation of your own fear showing up in your life.

We, attached as we have been to our humanity, are also extremely attached to our victimhood, to our smallness, to our -we can be just so bright, we can be just so powerful, but no more than that- “just in case” something/someone will come and smite us. NOT TRUE!

We need to stop judging our own magnificence!

It is okay, it is okay now to be your Light, to live from the space that You Are God, because you ARE. It is perfect to be as AWESOME, as blinding with luminosity as you want to be, as you are meant to be, Beloved One.

Last night was the experience of deleting EVERY single piece of fear, every single piece of judgement, every single idea that there is some entity, somewhere out there, who is going to hurt us, personnaly and collectively.The energy of peace is there for those who want it, for those who are ready for it(if you are reading this, you are ready for it! It’s time to put the weapons down, and just let yourself be you. No one is going to die this time, because THERE IS NO MORE DEATH, if you choose for there not to be;)

Get rid of all that imagery of some so-called evil ship beaming fear at us.I’ve actually been told by people over the years that my Light, that my being who I AM, is attracting the dark. Bullshit. Our glowing godself vibration is going to trigger everything in everyone else that they are unaware of, that they have judged and refused to look at, but that is a gift! That does not make our Light wrong or bad, that raises their vibration!(even when they think they really don’t want it to be raised).

Every single person in your life who is freaking out around you, who can’t receive your Light energy, the gorgeous expression of who you are, that is because they cannot let themselves see and be the Light in themselves. Every single one who is resisting you, is resisting their own magnificence!….and remember, dear ones, YOU HAVE CHOSEN EACH OTHER. They have chosen you to play the role you are playing for them, and vice-versa.

There Light is here, the Light is ready to love us, to love all of us, it always has, it has ALWAYS loved us, we just need to allow it to!

Who’s ready?! No more arguing for your limitations, Beloved, because the truth is, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED. You never have been, The only limits are those you have placed on yourselves.

It is time, Beloveds, to claim your Divine Birthright as the Magnificent One that You ARE, that you always have been. I love you. You are loved, you are held, you are taken care of. It is safe to be who you are now, and everything is going to be okay. Everything is PERFECT, now and forever.

The world is filled with you, the world is filled with Light, and nothing and no one can stop that Light from shining as brightly as it possibly can, but you.


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