Love From Your Soul

Dearest Beloved,

I Love You. I. Love. You. I Love YOU.

Here, in my arms, in my Light, I am cradling you. Here, you are safe. Here, you are loved. And I am always here, darling one.You are seen here, you are known here, for the glorious Light that you are. For my Light is yours, Beloved, the Truth of yourself, the shining truth of You is that You Are Love. You are made of Love, every cell of your body is luminous and glowing with You. Everything that you are is Love.


Here, it is safe to be yourself. I am with you, in every moment, closer than your breath, closer than the beat of your heart. I am here, now, in every moment, loving you. Loving all that you are. Loving all that you have experienced, loving every thought, embracing every emotion. I love you!

I love every single part of you, every single piece that you perceive as fragmented and lost and unworthy of love. I am here to tell you that you are worthy: nothing in you is broken, nothing in you is lost, nothing in you is fragmented. For you have perceived yourself falsely, Beloved, as something less than God, as something needing fixing, as one in desperate need of healing.

You think if only you were better, if you only did more, achieved more, worked harder, ran faster,and were something more than what you are, you would be happy…

I am here to tell you that there is nothing in you that needs fixing, there is nothing in you that needs to be healed, for you are already Whole..

You have carried around this guilt , this shame, this idea that it is wrong for you to be who you are, that you cannot possibly be yourself because if you were, they could not possibly love you.

It is not up to them to love you, dearest.

It is up to you to love yourself.

To see your wholeness, to see your luminosity, to see the Kingdom of God in yourself in every moment because you are loved for exactly who you are.

I love you unconditionally; the time is now for you to meet me in that very love for yourself.

Because you are here, you are worthy of love.

You Are Worthy.

You Are Loveable.

You Are Enough.

I love every part of you you have ever rejected, every part you have run from in fear, every part that you hate and resist with all the strength of your mind, I love you.


I love all of you. Every single piece of you is precious to me, is glowing and beautiful and luminous with your own Presence, with the Presence of God.

You Are Magnificent. There is no one like you on this world nor any other, and you are so lovely, dear one. You are beautiful to me, you always have been, and always will be. I will never stop loving you, I cannot ever stop loving you. I will keep whispering to you in every moment: Joy! Joy! Joy! Embrace yourself! I love you!

There is nothing you can do that will ever keep my love from you. There is no act or inaction that will ever stop my voice, my presence of love in your life. I am You. I am the real, true You, the piece of you, no matter how buried, that calls out for love, that calls out to be loved, that calls out for more, that calls out for freedom, that calls out of your heart every shining dream, every longing and calling you have for your life.

The Source of All Love does not give you such longings without the resources to make them come true. Each emotion, every feeling, is holy, is blessed, is me trying to tell you something so important: that your Essence is LOVE..

The time to stop running is now. Breathe. Be still. Be with yourself. It’s okay. I love you.


You are only, you have only ever been running away from yourself, Beloved. I love you, and all that you fear, and all that you have judged about yourself, I do not judge. I love! And so, there is nothing of which to be afraid, for there is only ever always love waiting for you across the chasm of your fear.

All that you are afraid of finding out about yourself, that at some bottomless pit inside the cavern of your heart there will be some darkness, some unforgivable thing that makes you unloveable…is simply not true! No matter how deep you go, no matter how much you feel you need to dig, no matter what pain you uncover…your only real essence is Love. Love is at your Core, Love is the Truth of your Being, Love is Who You Are.

Every single person in your life is in your life to love you, and for you to love them, to love their magnificence, to love their Light as you love your own, for it is yours as well. The Universe is only ever mirroring your own love back to yourself, dear one.

Let yourself be loved, completely and utterly. You are safe now. It is safe to receive all your blessings now, and you are so blessed, Beloved. It is safe to let the entire Universe love you as much as you wish to be loved, as much as you long to be loved. Let yourself receive the love that you are, let yourself be full with your own love, with your own Divinity, with your own Light.

Your Light, and your Love that you have always sought outside of yourself, has never been outside of you. In Oneness, darling one, there is nothing outside of you. There is only ever Love, forever and always, infinitely embracing You.

The resistance to seeing yourself clearly, to seeing your true nature as God, your own limitless potential is the mind resisting Love, resisting God, resisting your very Self. For all the fear and the pain and the shame and the guilt and the anger and the rage are simply not true; they are not the truth of who you are. They are experiences, yes, they are messages who want to you listen to them, but they are not your core essence. Your core essence is GOD.


It is time to embrace the resistance and allow all the love in that you have run from, Beloved. The Universe has only ever been waiting to meet you in your glory.

I love you, and I am here for you. Relax in me, feel the softness of my love, feel my embrace, and how long I have loved you, and know that it is okay. It is okay to break down, it is okay to cry, it is okay to feel angry, it is okay to feel afraid, it is okay to feel as though you are drowning in sorrow, because I am here, and I will not let you drown. There is no death, you will not die, you cannot die, you can only ever increase the embodiment of the Light that you are.

Surrender to yourself, for that is all you are, that is all that is ever going on. It is all you experiencing you, it is all you bringing you into more and more love. I know it has been hard, so hard. I know it has been painful, I know you have had your heart broken a thousand million times. It is okay. Let me in, let me love you. It is safe to let yourself be loved now.

It is okay to be human,you are here to experience your humanness from the truth that you are Divine, that you always have been so. You do not need to go anywhere, to do anything or consume anything to know the Truth, for I have always been with you. You have always been enlightened, you are already awakened. You have always been Home.

I am in Oneness with you, always. Come to me, love me as I have loved you forever.

All my Love,

Your Soul